2 of My Favourite Aussie Health Retreats

Health Retreats are the best way to recharge when you’re stressed out.

I never really put much stock into health retreats, as I thought they were mostly designed for people who have lost their way with diet and exercising. But, after experiencing first-hand what a health retreat has to offer, my opinion has completely changed.

They aren’t just a place for people to detox from a bad lifestyle of smoking, drinking and possibly too much partying. They are also for those of us who need time out from technology, a busy lifestyle, possible kids and family and make the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

So, I thought I would share with you, two health retreats I have been too and really loved.

Of course, they are still health retreats. So, do expect a very clean diet that will detox your system. But hey, detoxing never hurt anyone anyway.

Gaia Health Retreat and Spa: Byron Bay

Gaia Retreat and Spa in Byron Bay is not only the perfect haven to unwind, it’s also the perfect place to detox, learn about nutrition and healthy food preparation. Create your own tailored wellness experience with the detox ‘focus add on’ that will allow you to cleanse in a safe and engaging manner with consultations, spa treatments and a bespoke detox diet.

Take part in organic cooking classes where you could learn how to create food as delicious and visually attractive as it is healthy. Visit Gaia’s own organic garden and witness as chefs personally choose the freshest produce before enjoying a colourful healthy fare for you to feast on.

What I love most about Gaia:

They have coffee. Most health retreats consider coffee a contraband item. However, at Gaia, they do believe an ethically sourced coffee (for breakfast only) is okay to enjoy.

The Golden Door: Hunter Valley

Set in the serene mountains of the Hunter Valley wine region is The Golden Door Health Retreat. A Health Club and Day Spa renownedfor changing the lives of many. With 20-years experience, the Golden Door offers quality time to relax, disconnect from the pressures of daily life, seek positive change and improve health and fitness (if you chose).

Here you will experience the very best relaxation through holistic health, all whilst encouraged through positive energy to enrich your life and unwind from every day stresses.

What I love most about The Golden Door:

Their morning Tai Chi class on Meditation Hill at sunrise. It’s sounds daunting at first, having to be up and ready for a Tai Chi class at 6am. But, trust me, it’s so worth it.

The view of Golden Door Health Retreat from Meditation Hill at Sunrise.

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