Stonehenge in Western Australia?

Yep! Australia has it’s very own Stonehenge.

The only difference between this one and the one in the UK, is this one was built in 2011.

Located in Esperance; approximately 15178km from the original Stonehenge in the UK, is a full size replicated Stonehenge. Consisting of 137 stones, that weight around 2500 tonnes and carved from Esperance pink granite, the Esperance Stonehenge has been built to appear as it would have looked around 1950BC.

Built by a local farmer; who fell in love with the original Stonehenge when he visited the UK, the Esperance Stonehenge has been built to align with the Southern Summer and Winter Solstice sun.

This was an amazing treat to discover, when my partner and I travelled to Esperance. In-fact, it wasn’t until we checked into the Hotel that we found about it. Thanks to the brochure stand, which was sitting on the counter at reception.

And the best part, unlike the original Stonehenge; where you are kept a fair distance away from the stone (which I totally get, to preserve the area), you’re able to get up close and personal with these stones.

Of course, you don’t experience the same feeling you get when wandering the original site in the UK. But, it certainly gives you a sense of how megalithic the original structure must of been like back in its hey day.


And for those of you wondering what else Esperance has to offer, I’ll pop that on a separate blog.




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