Los Cristianos is full of incredible places to eat at when dining out

Los Cristianos is full of incredible places to eat at when dining out

You only need to walk down the road from wherever you’re staying and you will find yourself surrounded by so many amazing places to eat.

From traditional Spanish tapas to seafood and Italian. There is even a host of English and Irish pubs serving up traditional British pub meals, for those of you who might be feeling a little homesick whilst travelling.

So, I thought I would share my favourite top 4 places to eat at when staying in Los Cristianos.

From breakfast, lunch to dinner, each of these restaurants are catered for a variety of cravings you might be having whilst on holidays.

The best place to eat and watch the sunset. If you’re like me and live on the East coast of your home town, you would be used to watching the sunset over land, instead of the ocean. So when I visit Tenerife, I get a real kick out of admiring the sunset over water each night. This is the perfect restaurant to do that. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, they have an extensive menu to cater for all taste, from traditional Spanish to your favourite Caesar Salad. The restaurant is well priced if you’re on a budget and serve great coffee and cocktail if you prefer to just enjoy a drink and watch the sunset.


The Surrey Arms:

For a little local luxury when it comes to food, you definitely want to head here for dinner. It’s a small restaurant, so bookings are highly recommended. Especially when dining on the weekends. They aren’t open on Mondays or Tuesdays so they fill up very quickly during the week. Their specialty is flambe cooked seafood and steak and believe me it delivers on quality. Mike the Chef (and owner) is a superb cook. Atmosphere here is quiet and cosy and the staff are friendly too.

Address: 5 38650 Los Cristianos, Tenerife, Arona

Flambe Prawns with Saffron Rice at The Surrey Arms

Charlotte Cocktail Bar:

The best salads in town and perhaps the world. I kid you not. I am a bit of a salad freak, and their menu is full of amazing reinvented salad ideas. I ordered the fruit, cheese and nut salad. I know sounds strange, but it was incredible. It was a mixture of fresh fruit, garden salad, goats cheese and nuts, topped with air dried corn kernels. How they dried the corn the perfect crunch, without it popping is beyond me – but it worked. Also located a long the water, this cafe/restaurant/cocktail bar is very modern and reminded me a lot of back home in Sydney.


Restaurante Thai Botánico:

Okay this one isn’t exactly in Los Cristianos. It’s located in Los Americas and is in the pricey part of town. If you’re looking for something a little upmarket and really love your Thai food, this is definitely the right place for you. The food is very fresh and delightfully authentic. The restaurant itself is located on a rooftop above a large open air shopping complex and is surrounded by a wide variety of other high end style restaurant, clubs and bars. This restaurant & surrounded are is definitely not lacking atmosphere, that’s for sure.


Beautifully designed streets of Restaurants every where you look.
Beautifully designed streets of Restaurants every where you look.



There are many wonderful secrets hiding on the island of Tenerife

There are many wonderful secrets hiding on the island of Tenerife

Tenerife is one of seven islands that makes up the Canary Islands and is a well-known holiday destination for many Europeans.

But what many tourists who visit the island don’t know and are completely unaware of, is that there are pyramids hiding in the mountain village of Guimar.

Guimar is a town in the south of Tenerife and it is the location where six pyramids can be found. Today, they are safely housed in the Ethnographic Park, which was set up by the famous explorer Thor Heyerdahl, in order to protect them and allow visitors to admire their beauty.

To date, there has been no concrete evidence to who may have built the pyramids, leaving them shrouded in a cloud of mystery and conspiracy.

Some believe they were only built in the 19th century, where others believe they were built by the strange race of people who once inhabited the island, known as the Gaunches. A pale skinned and fair haired race who migrated to the island and settled.

Who ever built them, they certainly are a fantastic site to see when visiting the island.

I really enjoyed my time there. The Ethnographic Park is well designed and easy to get around, with museums, a poison garden and an exotic cafe with floor to ceiling windows looking out over Guimar, all the way to the ocean. It really was a spectacular place to visit. Surrounded by spectacular views, clean air and nothing but the sound of birds chirping in the surrounding gardens. I highly recommend a visit if you are staying in Tenerife.

Looking out over the Pyramid Plateu of Guimar – breathtaking

Don’t worry if you don’t have a car either, as there are plenty of tour groups that can take you there. These can be booked either through a hotel, or online.

Living on the edge of an active volcano

Living on the edge of an active volcano

I took a hike along an active volcano on the island of Tenerife, Canary Islands.

It was the most peculiar experience and also the most wonderful thing I have ever done.

Tenerife is one of seven islands which form the Canary Islands and is located approx 998km off the west coast of Africa; Morocco to be exact. And although they are solely owned by Spanish government, they are fairly independent with their own Canarian government.

Most of the islands within the Canary Islands contain one of more active volcanoes. Yes active. Which are closely watched by volcanologists (scientists who monitor Volcanoes), due to their constant activity. Particularly on Tenerife, where they keep a watchful eye. Rumour has it, it is overdue for an eruption.

So, of course, as soon as I arrived to Tenerife, I just had to experience this amazing adventure for myself. Even with the knowledge of knowing it may erupt soon. I’m not sure whether that makes me incredibly stupid or really really brave. LOL.

Feeling on top of the world - literally.
Feeling on top of the world – literally.

The name of the Volcano is Mount Teide.

From where I was staying in Los Cristianos, It’s about an hrs drive to the base of the mountain. The base of the mountain sits an elevation of approx 2356m above sea level, and you feel it. It wasn’t until the car was parked and I began to walk up to the cable car (which takes you higher up the volcano), you begin to feel the impact of the air pressure around you. The air feels thick and heavy, and your legs feel like they have been filled with concrete. Once adjusted though, probably after 5 minutes, my body felt back to normal again.

It’s a fast ride on the cable car, which whisks you up the mountain side to an elevation of approx 3555m above sea level. Again, you need to allow some time for your body to adjust to the altitude. At this level, it almost feels like your walking in a space suit. Not that I’ve ever worn one. It took my body around 10 minutes to adjust to the altitude. It just felt super weird.

There are 3 different walking tracks you can take along the base of Volcano, which slowly wind along some of the most spectacular views I’ve ever seen.

And if your feeling super adventurous, you can pay extra to make the long trek up to the summit of the volcano at 3718metres (12,198 ft). No, I didn’t take this option. I was happy with the views at 3555m. EEK! Did I mention I’m actually afraid of heights?

Now I did mention it’s an active volcano, so you do often smell sulphur along the way, as there are a few ventilation holes around, where you can see the fumes of the sulphur escaping. However, the walking tracks are not too close where the fumes will do you any harm – it just smells really bad. Like a bad fart hehe.

I highly recommend this adventure to anyone visiting Tenerife. Take the time and go visit Teide, you won’t regret it. Don’t stress if you don’t have a car though, as there are plenty of tour buses which take people up & down the mountain all day.


2 of my favourite Aussie Health Retreats

2 of my favourite Aussie Health Retreats

Health Retreats are the best way to recharge when you’re stressed out.

I never really put much stock into health retreats, as I thought they were mostly designed for people who have lost their way with diet and exercising. But, after experiencing first-hand what a health retreat has to offer, my opinion has completely changed.

They aren’t just a place for people to detox from a bad lifestyle of smoking, drinking and possibly too much partying. They are also for those of us who need time out from technology, a busy lifestyle, possible kids and family and make the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

So, I thought I would share with you, two health retreats I have been too and really loved.

Of course, they are still health retreats. So, do expect a very clean diet that will detox your system. But hey, detoxing never hurt anyone anyway.

Gaia Health Retreat and Spa: Byron Bay

Gaia Retreat and Spa in Byron Bay is not only the perfect haven to unwind, it’s also the perfect place to detox, learn about nutrition and healthy food preparation. Create your own tailored wellness experience with the detox ‘focus add on’ that will allow you to cleanse in a safe and engaging manner with consultations, spa treatments and a bespoke detox diet.

Take part in organic cooking classes where you could learn how to create food as delicious and visually attractive as it is healthy. Visit Gaia’s own organic garden and witness as chefs personally choose the freshest produce before enjoying a colourful healthy fare for you to feast on.

What I love most about Gaia:

They have coffee. Most health retreats consider coffee a contraband item. However, at Gaia, they do believe an ethically sourced coffee (for breakfast only) is okay to enjoy.

The Golden Door: Hunter Valley

Set in the serene mountains of the Hunter Valley wine region is The Golden Door Health Retreat. A Health Club and Day Spa renownedfor changing the lives of many. With 20-years experience, the Golden Door offers quality time to relax, disconnect from the pressures of daily life, seek positive change and improve health and fitness (if you chose).

Here you will experience the very best relaxation through holistic health, all whilst encouraged through positive energy to enrich your life and unwind from every day stresses.

What I love most about The Golden Door:

Their morning Tai Chi class on Meditation Hill at sunrise. It’s sounds daunting at first, having to be up and ready for a Tai Chi class at 6am. But, trust me, it’s so worth it.

The view of Golden Door Health Retreat from Meditation Hill at Sunrise.