5 Reasons Why I Love Ireland

Sharing my top 5 reasons to why I love Ireland so much

The People:

Don’t listen to what anyone says about the Irish, they are super friendly and make for great conversation. Especially if you have an accent from another country, they love to share a yarn or to about their beautiful country and tell a tale of a time long ago. Just don’t mention anything about Politics LOL. As you may never get them to shut up. They love sharing with you their political views on pretty much everything. And as much as I love a good political debate with someone, when the Irish start getting real passionate about a topic, their accent gets richer and they become harder to understand.

The Landscape:

The landscape of Ireland is nothing short of awe inspiring and there is no wonder why so many films and television shows are filmed in the incredible landscapes Ireland has to offer. Movies such as Braveheart and television shows such as Vikings are all filmed at a variety of locations across Ireland. Even Star Wars used Ireland for many of their scenes in all of their movies, from original to current. The landscape can vary from desolate mountain ranges where trees don’t grow and mini alps are topped with snow, to rocky green cliffs and rolling green pastures. Seriously picturesque.

The Castles:

When driving through Ireland from county to county you find you are never too far from a castle or medieval church. They are literally everywhere you look. Especially when you take the back roads. And where a lot of them are marked on the historical maps of exploration for Ireland, many are not and you need to discover them on your own. Of course many of these castles and churches are located on private property. But here’s a tip, you can actually enter the property to view the castles and churches, as long as no land is destroyed and no livestock are disturbed in the process.

The Food:

Believe it or not, the food in Ireland is fantastic. They have really stepped up these last few years and are becoming quite the foodie nation. We had no problems finding good, quality and healthy food, with a large serving of greens. Which for those of you who know me well, you know I love a good serving of mixed greens LOL. Everywhere you go, there are great restaurants where you can order 4-5 star quality food at a very reasonable price. I’m also huge cafe lover, so, I was happy to see Ireland offered a great choice in cafe cuisine, serving great coffee and trendy eats.

The Impressive Estates:

Much like the castles and churches, everywhere you look, there is an abandoned Estate, boasting lush green landscapes and stunning old mansions. And where some are owned by the Irish Government and only opened certain times throughout the year, there are many located on private property. And again, like the castles and the churches, you are allowed to enter these properties on foot, so you can go explore these incredible houses. Just remember to park somewhere out of the way, don’t ruin the grounds and definitely stay away from the livestock, so not to stress them out and you’re good to go.

And there you have it, 5 great things about Ireland which I absolutely loved.






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