Swimming in the Red Sea

What’s better than drinking coffee to wake up in the morning? Swimming in the Red Sea of course.

If you have been following my blogs, then last week you would have read all about our crazy day trip to Petra from Dahab in Egypt – where we got stranded in the Jordanian Desert.

Well, to follow on from the craziness, and after finally getting back to the hotel to sleep at 1am in the morning (after being awake since 3am the previous morning – long day, phew!), we had scheduled ourselves another crazy morning the following day. Or rather the same day, seeing as we got back at 1am… The alarm went off at 7am – eek! Why, because we were leaving at 8am to go for a snorkel in the Red Sea. And, you know what, it was the best thing to do of a morning – better than coffee, yes you hear that right from a coffee addict. Swimming in the Red Sea was seriously the best way to recover from the previous adventure and the most amazing way to wake up in the morning.


Oh, did I mention that straight after our swim, we then had a 12pm flight back to Cairo – why do we keep doing this to ourselves?

This was seriously one of the best Egyptian Experiences we did. And, please excuse my ignorance when I say this, but I had no idea that there was such an incredible tropical plant and sea life in the Red Sea. The snorkel was amazing and exactly what we needed.

I won’t go on about – here’s the photos to prove it. Check out my Instagram account for more photos.

Selfie in the water


The stunning Red Sea



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