LUSH Mint Lip Scrub

3 Very Festive Beauty Products for Christmas

I love seasonal beauty products, especially at Christmas. these are my favourite three right now.

Christmas just isn’t Christmas without a beauty haul from LUSH and The Body Shop. And now, we can add Innisfree to the list too. But instead of chatting about an excessive amount of products in an endless list of Christmas beauty, I wanted to share only three, which I am loving right now.

I am feeling a little under the weather at present, so this blog is going to be a small one and I will get straight to the point on each product. I won’t goi much into each one, but will explain why I love it.

Mostly, I just wanted to share with you a small festive blog on my favourite Christmas beauty products for 2019.

The first is the fabulous Mint flavoured Lip Scrub by LUSH. If you love candy canes, you’ll love this lip scrub. It’s made from the finest sugar scrub, making it soft to use against any type of lips and leaves lips well nourished and smooth afterwards.

Innisfree green tea face serum

The next product isn’t exactly part of any Christmas range, however, Innisfree repackaged several of their key beauty products (which I think they have done in previous years also) in cute little festive packaging. Of course, with Innisfree now have flagship stores in Sydney (so exciting), we have better access to these amazing products.

The Green Tea Face Serum is fast becoming a favourite of mine, with Green Tea being beneficial for inflamed skin, blemishes and a variety of other skin issues. I’v noticeably seen a reduction in blemishes and a faster heal time for them too, since using this serum.

lush herbalism face mask

Again, this product by LUSH; Herbalism Face Cleanser and Mask is not exactly part of the festive beauty range by LUSH. But I had to add it to the list, it is one of my favourite, is green for Christmas and smells like a pine forest in the rain. Love it. So of course, I added this fabulous product to my Christmas beauty favourites.

Inside you’ll find key ingredients like Rosemary and nettle which help to balance skin oil and production, hydration skin, treat skin blemishes (always a favourite in my book) and reduces inflammation. Hmm, are you starting to see a pattern here with my favourite type of skin product types LOL.

I have been very run down this week, with so much going on with work and family life and I am simply exhausted. But I do find that blogging (no matter how small the blog) makes me feel a little better inside. Especially when I can share a little insight into my thoughts on life, beauty, travel, or anything else for that matter really.

So, although this blog is very small and I haven’t gone into too much detail with the content of each product. I hope you enjoyed this very festive post anyway.

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