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4 Free Summer Activities Happening in Sydney NOW

No money, no worries – here are four fabulous summer activities you can do in Sydney with family, friends or even alone.

Believe it or not, there are loads of great activities you can do in Sydney this summer where you don’t have to spend a cent.

Here are my favourite four things to do in Sydney in Summer:

Bondi to Coogie Walk:

Best experiences early in the morning, when the sun is rising over the ocean, walking along the cliffs of Sydney between Bondi to Coogie is a great experience. Take the camera, take some water; it’s a long walk and go by yourself, or grab friends and family for a scenic way to start your morning, before the heat kicks in. Parts of the walk are difficult; meaning a lot of stairs in some parts, but it’s so worth it.

Oh and don’t be turned off the idea of doing the whole walk from Bondi to Coogie, go for as long as you can, then turn around and go back. Or if Bondi Isn’t your thing, then start the walk in Coogie instead and go from there.

Picnic in the Botanical Gardens:

Grab friends and family and pack a picnic of wine, cheese and other delicious nibbles. Find a spot in the Botanical Gardens and spend the day playing games, eating, drinking and have a laugh. The Botanical Gardens is easily accessible via public transport, making it real easy to get in and out of.

However, if you do prefer to drive, I recommend you park at Mrs Macquarie’s Chair; around the Art Museum, and then enter the gardens from there.

Ride a bike through Centennial Gardens:

Do you own a bike? Take a ride through Centennial Park, there are loads of great paths to take, which wind throughout the park, past wetlands and more. Whether you want to ride alone or take friends and family, there is loads of parking at Centennial, which is free. So, you can ride for as long as you like.

Stop at a cafe for a quick bite of coffee along the way, or pack a picnic and take a break sitting in the park amongst the great oaks.

Explore Sydney City with a Camera:

If you like taking photos, plan a day of exploration throughout the streets of the city. There are loads of great locations, old buildings and street-side events happening over the summer, great for experimenting with the camera and working on your photography magic. I do suggest going in early though, to beat some of the crowds, as the streets do get busy by midday and it gets difficult to capture the perfect photo with loads of people in the way.

However, if you love taking people photos, then after midday is the best time for photos.

Of course, there are no bounds to the imagination on what sort of activities you can do in Sydney over Summer.

Here is a list of a few more additional things to do, where although they are free to attend, some money may be needed for food and any shopping.

  1. The Rocks Markets every weekend
  2. The Grounds Markets every weekend
  3. The Rocks walk from Circular Quay to Dawes Point Reserve
  4. A walk through Barangaroo Reserve
  5. Waterside walk along Rose Bay


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