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4 Places You Must Visit In Your Lifetime

The world is full of amazing places to visit and I’ve narrowed it down to four unique places which must be included into everyone’s travel itinerary.

Whether you like to travel to exotic location, cold spots, hot deserts, tropical island or remote forest, I’ve chosen four destinations I’ve personally travelled too which are worthy for a visit by all.

A few may of heard of, or perhaps you’ve not heard of any. Sit back and relax and let me tell (and show) you why you’ll want to book a ticket ASAP.

Olympic National Park, Washington State, USA

The most spectacular National Park I’ve ever stepped foot in, well actually driven through sounds more like it, and nothing can describe how incredibly beautiful the landscape of Olympic National Park. It’s no wonder the Park was used as the setting for Stephanie Meyers Twilight book series.

So, I’ll do my best to describe it. Pine trees so tall they seem to touch the sky, mountains dipped in snow and painted across the skyline and a lush green forest hiding all sorts of mythical creatures. Well, maybe not the mythical creatures part, just bears and other woodland animals LOL.

La Push Beach, Washington State, USA

I so get why this beach received a lot of attention after the release of the Twilight book series, especially after the movie released. The beach is rough, the weather unruly and cold and the cliffs are formidable as they are pounded by rough waves throughout the day and night.

I instantly fell in love with the whole area of La Push. Whether it was because of the American Indian heritage which engulfs the area of the stunning sunsets across the sea, either way, you will definitely want to stop off for the view at this beach.

Dahab, Egypt

It wasn’t until I travelled to Egypt, I learned about this very small, exotic seaside town along the Red Sea called Dahab. In fact, Dahab wasn’t even part of my original itinerary. I was supposed to go Mount Sinai.

However, there were security risks for tourists going to Sinai, so we made last minute changes with my guide in Egypt and ended up taking a flight to Sharm Wl Sheik next to the Red Sea and a three hour bus ride south the Dahab.

Surprisingly, Dahab is also where all the Westerners and Europeans vacation to in Egypt.

Hope, British Columbia, Canada

This was a completely unsuspecting place to visit whilst traveling through Canada. We were driving from Vancouver to Banff, taking the scenic route through the Mountains (alps), taking our time and stopping anywhere and staying in a variety of off the beaten track hotels and motels.

Along the way, we found ourselves staying in a small town nestled deep in the woodlands of The Canadian Rocky Mountains cakes Hope. Although, the town doesn’t have a lot to offer there as tourist attractions, if you’re willing to explore the surrounding area, there is still a lot of nature sites to see.

And, we also learned Hope was the town used for the filming of the first Rambo movie with Sylvester Stallone. Nice one.

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