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4 Reasons Why Travelling is Good For You

There are so many reasons why you should travel, here are four of my main reasons on why I travel.

Okay, so truth be told, I had to select four of my favourite out of about twenty or more reasons to why I love to travel.

For me travel has always been about taking an adventure, meeting new people, learning about new cultures and experiencing things you simply just can’t experience back home. But, if I had to look back over all the main reasons why I travel and the meaning behind why I love it so much – these would be my top four:

Travel opens your eyes:

At the expense of sounding naive, living in a western culture, often we may fall victim to believing everything you see online, watch on the news or even hear from somebody else, when it comes to the political states of certain countries. And where, I completely respect most rumours are true, many are not. I learnt this when I travelled through Egypt. I was exposed to a very different type of muslim culture there, who do not adopt the ideology of Islamic traditions, but rather practice a more morale, loving and nurturing version of the Muslim religion. I true learning experience if there ever was one, when it came to religion.

Travelling helps you learn who you are:

believe it or not, sometimes the best way to find yourself in this big old world, is to go travelling, explore different cultures, meet new people and get away from the family. That’s not to say you don’t love you life, or the place you live, or of course your family. But, often we find ourselves trapped by the opinions of others and travelling is the best way to get away from those opinions and find your own. Especially when it comes to reflecting on who you want to be as a person – no matter how old you are.

Create new relationships:

Making friends in your home town can be hard. You either live in a small town and know everyone and therefore can’t establish new relationships – especially with a new love interest. Or you live in a big city and struggle to go out and find new friends as the population is WAY to big to find new ones. For some reason, those boundaries are thrown to the side-line when travelling. Everyone who is travelling wants to create their own identity and also wants to create/establish new relationships. So, travelling is the prefect place to go find yourself and make new friends.

Travel can educate you:

They can’t teach you in books, what you learn travelling to a country. And, remember, most of what you read in a book, is often the opinion of one person. When you visit another country and learn about their culture and theur history, you start to realise there is a whole new version of history out there, waiting to be explored and learned about. And often, I find myself amazed at the tings I learn from chatting to locals about their countries history, as it is more often or not incredibly different to what I was taught at school. Egypt was the perfect example of that, but I can get into that in another blog.

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