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4 Sydney Cafes You Must Try This Summer

You must try these HOT four Sydney cafes for Summer.

Summer in Sydney is all about eating clean and healthy food, to help you detox from the crazy festive season which has just passed.

If you have been following my blogs for a while now, you will now, I always release my favourite places to eat depending on the season. This can range from pizza places to eat in Winter, tea houses for Autumn or salad and Acai bowl inspired cafes for summer.

Some of these cafes are NEW and some have been around for a while – here are my favourite four right now.


Yumcha by morning, cafe in the day and restaurant at night, Bodhi is completely vegan, mostly gluten-free and has a menu suited for all year around. However, I particularly like their food in summer, as it’s light, fresh and oh so summery. I recently went with friends for an early Christmas dinner and it was the perfect compliment with my Seedlip (non-alcoholic) cocktail and white wine.

I’ve eaten Yumcha for breakfast at Bodhi, lunch and dinner in winter there. Each time I have always been satisfied with both the quality and the price price of eating here.

I do recommend trying one of their curries. However, if that’s too much to eat in the summer heat, try their mango salad and their Salsa with Taro chips – YUM.

Price range – Mid range

Happy as Larry:

Seriously the best Acai Bowls in Sydney; okay so I’ll be honest, this cafe is one of many in Sydney serving up GREAT Acai Bowls. It is an Italian restaurant, but like most restaurants they trade as a cafe by day, serving breakfast at 10am.

And, in summer on a hot day, there is nothing greater that getting an ice freeze with one of their signature Acai Bowls. It’s filled with delicious Strawberries, Blueberries, Bananas, Chia Seeds, roasted Almonds, shredded Coconut and granola. Of course, if you like me and can’t have gluten, I order without the granola – which is still delicious.

If Acai Bowls aren’t your thing, the cafe also serves up a delicious Avocado, beetroot hommus, fetta, black sesame and puffed rice on grilled seeded loaf.

Price range – Mid range

Good One:

Using locally sourced products and completely prepared with love, I love eating here when I need a good cleanse from eating a whole heap of bad food. Of course, when I say bad, that mostly references to overeating at events or going through a high-sugar faze; which tends to always happen at Christmas time and at Easter time.

Good Ones makes the yummiest types of salads ever thought possible. And their salad and vegetable bowls are the best for any time of the day. I like them for lunch, however they are great at breakfast too; add an egg on top for extra protein and flavour – delicious. The cafe is in Bondi though, not exactly the city.

I do also recommend their house nut butter with banana, honey and toasted coconut on gluten-free bread mixed with their Vitality Wellness juice made of Rhodiola, astragalus, licorice root, Sibrian Ginseng, green tea, spearmint, hibiscus and ginger.

Price range – Super affordable

Cafe Milli Gram:

Okay, so this one is a little out of the way and not exactly in the city, it;s actually at Birkenhead Point. It;s one of my favourite wholefood and organic cafes though. And the coffee is great. This is the perfect place to get all your sales shopping after Christmas done at Birkenhead and then to sit down and cleanse yourself with good, healthy food.

Their menu selection suits a wide variety of tastes and dietary requirements – but I’ll be honest, I do go for the coffee more than anything. It;s absolutely beautiful. Birkenhead has a wide variety of great places to eat at, but this cafe has an outdoor eating area also, so if the day isn’t too warm, it;s nice to grab a table outside to sit back out of the shopping mayhem and enjoy a god brew.

Price range – Mid range.




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