4 Ways to Spend Christmas Day Alone

You don’t need to feel lonely this Christmas, here are four ways on how you can spend Christmas alone.

Whether you are surrounded by people and still feel alone, or you’re in a foreign country with no family about, Christmas can often feel lonely, with many people hating this time of the year.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way. For many Christmas is a time to reflect on the year that’s gone and be inspired about the coming New Year. And. believe it or not, there are thousands of people around the world who celebrate Christmas alone and absolutely love it.

So, if you are spending it alone; whether by choice or otherwise, here are four ways you can spend Christmas alone.

Explore the city:

Doesn’t matter if you don’t live in the city, pack a bag of food and drink, grab the camera and make tracks for the city. In many cities, particularly in Sydney, Christmas Day (for a short period of time) is one the quietest moments ever. With hardly anyone about. This makes it the best time to explore and take some great photos, without anyone about. Of course, you will always have tourists wandering about, in search of a festive meal somewhere. A rare few groups of people is far easier than massive crowds. Public transport still operates on Christmas Day too, so you can leave the car at home.

Join a charity drive:

Start calling around to your local churches and charity organisation and check who are doing food and clothes drives on Christmas Day for the homeless. Not only is it rewarding to help out those less fortunate, it’s also a reminder that things in your life really aren’t that bad and there is always someone else going through something a lot harder than you. Of course, that doesn’t mean to say what you are going through is not important, but helping those who need it more really puts things in perspective.

Crash a Christmas party:

If you’re living and working in a foreign country and hate the idea of being alone on Christmas Day, why not ask anyone you have made friends with if it would be too much to crash their party. More often than not, most people (who are decent enough) will ask you anyways. I know heaps of people, where they have been invited to functions so they aren’t alone on Christmas Day; which is so thoughtful. And even my mum and I have invited people to our Christmas functions when they were travelling in Sydney and alone.

Host a party:

More likely than not, you are not the only one alone for Christmas. It’s not too late to call around any friends and family you know of, who you think will be spending Christmas alone. Organise a get together where you can all bring one plate of food each and host it at your place; or wherever possible and make your Christmas fun. It’s all in the mindset really, Christmas is about sharing the joy and love around, so make your own NEW family if you have to and have some fun with the day.

Remember you are never truly alone at Christmas time, there are so many people out celebrating by themselves, or opting to stay out of the way of friends and family, so they can chill at home, rest, relax and recharge after a hectic year. So use the time to be inventive and create your own Christmas joy.

Of course, you could also use the day to sleep in, catch up on any chores, read that book you have always been wanting to get started on and catch up on all your favourite television series.


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