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5 Essential Travel Tips

These are the only five essential travel tips you’ll need.

Let’s me honest, everyone has their own version of their best travel tips ever. And a simple search online for the best travel tips will come up with an unlimited amount of stories, blogs, articles and then some about travel tips.

And yes, I’m one of those bloggers who has shared multiple stories on my best travel tips LOL! Guilty!

So, I thought I’d do something a little different. Instead of sharing what I think are the best travel tips, or share some insights on what other travellers think are the best travel tips. I decided to go beyond that and look at what the professionals say about travelling.

Professionals as in, flight attendants, pilots, travel agents, pretty much anyone who makes a living out of travelling, and not travel blogging or writing.

Let me tell you, I found out some pretty awesome travel tips. Check out five of the best below.

Shift your sleep schedule:

Try to go to bed at the local time of your destination, at least 2 days before travel. Ideally, when your alarm goes off it will be at a reasonable hour at your current location. Hop out of bed and get some sunlight, if that’s possible, as this will help convince your brain it’s a normal wake-up time. This should help with any jet lag problems.

Sit at the back of the plane if possible:

Many flight attendants confide the rear of the plane gets the best service. This is because it’s easy for them to sneak an extra drink or snack to someone in the back, without drawing the attention of other passengers. Often flight attendants will ignore requests from the front, because if they have to deliver an item to someone up front other passengers will see and will want the same thing.

Make sure hotel bed sheets are clean:

Don’t sleep in beds where the hotel sheets have no folded imprints on them. It’s evidence the sheets have not been washed and folded. No folding creases normally means someone has slept in them previously and they weren’t changed. Clean sheets freshly placed on a bed will always have fold marks from being washed and stored.

Don’t fly with a bad head cold or ear infection:

If you have a bad head cold or ear infection, you should try and delay your travel plans. Or at least see a doctor about fixing the problem as quickly as possible. Flying with these illnesses can damage your eardrums, and you may lose your hearing. It can also be frightfully painful due to the pressurisation in the cabin, especially for take off and landing.

Skip coffee and tea on the plane:

If you can avoid drinking coffee and tea whilst on the plane, do. This is because their has been bacteria found in airplane tap water which is used for boiling to make tea and coffee. If your immune system is already weak, it can make you vulnerable to stomach bugs if the bacteria has not been boiled out of the water.

Make sure to keep following my blog, as I will be publishing another five fabulous travel tips from industry experts same day next week.

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