5 Must-Have Beauty Products for Travel

These are the five must-have beauty products you shouldn’t leave home without.

Travelling is so stressful for the skin. From sitting in air-conditioning for long periods of time on long-haul flights, to the extreme change in climate when visiting super hot or ridiculously cold travel destinations.

Whether you have oily, dry, combination, blemish prone, or fairly non problematic skin, the effects of travelling do eventually show up on the skin and age the skin faster. But, there are way to help combat any skin issues with the right type of products to help your skin travel better.

A while ago, I shared a blog on my go-to beauty products for travel which I essentially take with me for any sort of overnight travel; whether it be for one night, a week or more. These products are a range of skincare essentials I have been using for over two years now and I get really good skin results with them – you can read that story here.

But this time, instead of recommending the products I use for travel, I wanted to share a bit of knowledge on what types of products you should use when travelling; which ranges from cleanser, masks, scrubs and moisturisers.

And if you’re anything like me, packing beauty products for travel is more overwhelming that packing clothes. Mostly, as I always fear there’s something I will need urgently and won’t be able to find overseas. I definitely spend more time on packing beauty than I do clothes and other items. The key thing here is to not take too many products, but pack the ones most important to maintain healthy skin on your holiday.

So, without further adieu here are five must-have beauty products you must pack for travelling.


This is of course the most important product to take, as it cleanses out dirt and oil and re-balances skin’s overall health. Using the right cleanser is key to achieving well-cleansed skin. Try and stay away from Micellar cleansers, although they are proven to effectively cleanse out dirt from the pores, they have also been known to prevent the skin from absorbing essential ingredients from serums and oils used after cleansing.

I’ve been using the ‘Confidence in a Cleanser’ by IT Cosmetics which is a gentle and hydrating cleanser.

Face Scrub:

Use twice a week when travelling. Scrubbing away dead skin cells is important if you want to keep skin well hydrated by absorbing all the delicious nutrients and vitamins from any serums and moisturisers you use. I do highly recommend the coffee-based face scrubs, as the coffee aspect is known to increase blood and oxygen flow deep within the skin cells, which is ideal when your travelling between climates and need to keep skin at optimal health.

Try the Frank Body Coffee Face Scrub – it’s simply divine. A little goes a long way and skin feels charged afterwards.


Not too light and not too heavy. Instead of packing day and night face creams, pack light and opt for a product which does both. Medium based formulas are perfect, as they are thick enough for deep hydration at night and light enough in the day to wear under any foundation. You may need to experiment to find the right product which works for you. But, it will be worth it when you find the right one.

I’ve been using the face cream range by Peter Thomas Roth. Rose Stem is my go to for every day, but when I travel I lean more towards the ‘Hungarian Thermal Water’ for better skin hydration.

Lip Balm:

Okay, so I am going to be bias here and state that I only travel with my lip balms by ‘alainn’ LOL. Seeing as I do make my own lip balms. However, when I travel to colder climates I do tend to break out with cold sores; or rather a stranger version of them which are more like blisters than anything. I always carry a medicated Blistex lip treatment for when I am in cold climates to ensure no germs can seep into any dry cracks. It is medicated, so don’t use before eating. But always apply before going out into public if your lips are cracked and dry to prevent infection and the onset of cold sores.

Want to try my delicious lip balms – order from my shop now.


Thanks to my inherited oily skin (thanks mum); which I have been told will be savior when I hit my mid forties, I am prone to breakouts. Because of this, I always have to pack masks. However, I always recommend anyone travelling to pack a easy mask to take and give yourself a skin treatment at least once a week. Depending on how you roll with masks, it’s entirely up to you on what you want to pack. Of course, most places you visit you can buy quick sheet masks, so packing one probably isn’t that essential if you don’t want to.

I always take a take a clay mask with my, to help me quickly heal blemishes and keep my oily skin in check. I’m loving the new Cinnamon Clay Mask by Essano.

In addition, packing a serum or face oil is definitely recommended. Serums lock in moisture and oils can help your skin re-balance sebum in the cells; yes even for oily skin types. Try the new Sukin Purely Ageless serum and the Prickly Pear Oil by Youth to the People – both perfect for travel.

This post has not been sponsored or endorsed by any of the above mentioned products.



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