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5 Travel Essentials I Never Leave Home Without

Whether I’m planning a long trip or a short trip, I never leave home without these five essential travel items.

To help me travel more comfortably on day trips, short trips and long trips, I never leave home with a few essential travel items, to make travel easier and to help me stay healthy along the way.

I am one of those fifty fifty types of travellers, where I love being home to nest, but love to be away from routine and the nest also. Seeing home as a back to base type of situation, where, if I could trael every second month of the year, knowing I am coming home to base, I would be one of the happiest people you know.

Of course, there are a few essential items I take with me whilst travelling, to help me stay focused on being healthy and calm, all whilst taking a little bit of home with me along the way.

Item One: Water Bottle

I always take my own water bottle with me. Taking my own bottle, means I am more inclined to keep it full whilst travelling, meaning I am keeping up the right amount fo water dosage per day and not dehyrdating myself whilst travelling. If you take your own water bottle, you just have to remember to always keep it empty of any fluid whilst in transit, as you won’t be able to take it on a plane with you.

Item Two: Hot Chocolate

I always take my favourite hot chocolate with me when I travel. I know it sounds weird, but when you’re on a long flight and don’t want to drink coffee or tea, hot chocolate is a great alteranative. Especially as the ones on the plane never really taste that good anyways. Plus, if you are just taking a short trip somewhere for one night, a hot chocolate is a nice way to end the evening before heading back home the next day.

Item Three: Body Scrub

My skin suffers the most when I travel, whether caused from stress, diferent climates, air conditioners, you name it, it affects my skin. To keep my skin feeling fresh and renewed, I always pack a body scrub with me, one I can use every night to remove dead skin cells and help restore skin and absorb my moisturiser better.

Item Four: Sleep Mist

My first night in a hotel I never sleep. From strange noises to weird smells, and the plain unfamiliarity of being in a place surrounded by an environment I just don’t know. This means, I always need to take something with me to help me sleep when I travel. Sleep mists are great, as you can spray in the room, on the pillow and some are even formulated to spray directly on your face. They relax you and provide a sense of calm to help you sleep better.

Item Five: Lip Balm

Apart from foundation, which I never leave home without, lip balm is an essential item to travel with, and I never leave home without it. Of course, I will do a little shamelss self promoting here and mention my own vegan lip balms which I make – alainn. There’s nothing worse than dry lips any day of the week, whether you’re travelling or not, so taking lip balm wherever you go is a must.

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