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6 Free Must-Have Travel Apps

These are the only travel apps you need when on holidaying and they are all FREE.

Travel apps can make your travel adventure, exploration and holiday so much easier to manage. Especially if you are travelling to multiple location and need to keep track of everywhere you are going.

From managing trains, flights, tours, hotels and more, these are the only travel apps I use when travelling. And I would not have survived without them on my travels. True story.

Small disclaimer – the feature image is not of me LOL. It’s a free-stock one 🙂

Google Translate:

So this app is pretty close to translating most languages for you at 100 per cent. I wouldn’t recommend you use it for long conversations in another language. However, if you need to find out where your hotel is, the airport, how to find a toilet or have any other basic request – then this is definitely the app to use.

XE Currency:

This is the best app for working out current exchange rates and currency values of your own currency and the country you are travelling in. Full disclosure here, I use this app even when I’m not travelling. It;s perfect for working out what sort of money you need to save if you’re planning for a holiday – or if you are investigating the best exchange rate when searching for a bank to buy or sell monies.

WiFi Map:

There’s nothing worse than forgetting to turn of your roaming when you enter another country and realising you have spent WAY too much money on your home network. Or even burning all your credit on a prepaid from the country you are travelling through. This app will help you search all available WiFi networks in your area, where you can join for FREE. Making it easier to stay connected to the internet when travelling. And, you spend less time wandering the streets looking for FREE WiFi signs.


Important – you must download this app before you leave for your holiday. Why? Because it’s a source app of information and travel guide information which downloads onto your phone which you can access anywhere, at any time around the globe and don’t need to be connected to a network to use it. You simply do a search on the country, area, city or town you are travelling to or are currently in and it will bring up loads of information on the place.

Sit or Squat:

Need a toilet FAST and don’t know where one is located, then you most definitely need this app. The app will zero in on your location and provide you a details map listing all the available toilets in the area, so you can get to one fast when needed. Even better, the toilets have been rated by other users; which you can also do should you come across one that’s not rated. This helps you chose the best location to do your businesses in, should another user rates it nearly five stars. Though I am yet to use a public toilet which has that rating LOL.

Google Maps:

This is the best app to use for directions as it uses GPS and doesn’t require a network to use. Unless you have the budget to afford the TomTom app, which has 100 per cent accuracy when it comes to travel, this is the best alternative, as you can map out where you need to go without the use of any network. Super handy when you are in the middle of nowhere and need to find out how to get from A to B fast, without getting lost along the way.


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