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6 Travel Destinations on My List for 2020

These are the six travel destination I have on my checklist for 2020. Once we are out of a travel ban that is.

After spending the last two years really buckling down on my studies to complete my university degree in journalism and also setting up myself as a freelance writer and content creator, I am finally ready to start exploring some places this year and taking some time out for myself.

Although I did manage to visit a few cool places last year for 20129, I found myself so busy completing my degree and trying to do as much freelance work as possible, to set myself up financially – this year I am taking extra time, to do a few more focused travel where I can take a proper break from reality and routine.

Some are for overseas travel and some are for local travel – here are my top six travel destinations marked down for 2020:

Yoga Retreat:

I need to get my yoga back on track this year, as I was super busy last year. And with the closure of my favourite studio, I have really struggled to find a studio in my neighbourhood.

A yoga retreat is exactly what I need to get myself motivated again for yoga. I have been going at least once a week since the year started – which is a great start. But I need to up the ante and get back to at least two classes a week.

Wine Tour in Berry:

I have talked and talked about it and I still haven’t done it. I even have a client who I do content creation for, who does the most amazing boutique winery tours around the south coast of New South Wales, including Berry.

So this year, I will be spending a two night stay in Berry and connecting with Noble Transfers and Tours, spending a beautiful day exploring the wineries of Berry.

Visit Melbourne:

For the last two tears, myself and my dear friend Sarah who lives in Sale, Victoria have been trying to organise and plan a get together in Melbourne to catch up – as it has been far too long for sure.

I can not possibly let another year go by without a catch up. especially when we used to catch up once a year, taking turns of me going down there and her coming to Sydney.

Go Snow Skiing:

It feels like forever since my feet have sat in a pair of skis. Although I have made small road trips to the snow to chill and relax, I haven’t actually booked myself a proper skiing holiday in a very long time and I miss it terribly.

I am turning forty this year in September and I feel this would be a great way to celebrate my birthday, with a local ski trip to either south of New South Wales or in Victoria, where ever the best snow will be at the time.

Visit New Zealand:

I have explored a lot of New Zealand, from the far north of the North Island, to the far south of the South Island. I have risen horses through the alps and taken ferry trips around the south coast near Wellington. I have skied in Queenstown and climbed small mountains in Christchurch.

This year, I would like to get back to Queenstown (not necessarily for skiing) to explore, unwind and take in the beautiful scenery of the area once again.

Christmas in Tenerife:

My dad lives in the Canary Islands, and it has been more than two years since I have seen him and spent a Christmas with him. I miss him terribly. However, due to unforeseen circumstances for both of us for different reasons, we haven’t been able to see each other in a long time.

2020 is the year, I make the trip to go see him and spend Christmas with him on the beautiful island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands. It may not be a white Christmas, but a Christmas with my dad comes pretty close to a spectacular Christmas.

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