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7 Great Libraries to Visit When Travelling

Seven must-see libraries to visit when holidaying with friends and family.

Most travellers would not think of including a visit to the local library on their itinerary when planning a holiday. However, some libraries around the world, are worthy of a visit.

Stuttgart Municipal Library:

Inside you’ll find the word Library written in different languages, from German, Korean, English and even Arabic. the library is clean and white and simply spectacular to visit as a modern space of knowledge and wonder.

Mertz Library of New York Botanical Gardens:

This library holds one of the world’s oldest collections of books about plants and other botanical interests. These include books written by Darwin himself, vintage seed catalogues and there are even some vintage ads on garden gnomes.

The State Library of Victoria, Australia:

One of Australia’s most beautiful libraries, it is also one of the oldest public building still in existence with its spectacular domed ceilings and 19th Century architecture. This library loans out books more than any other library in all of Australia.

Trinity College Library of Dublin:

This magnificent library (pictured above) has been receiving visitors from far and wide for many decades. Constructed in the 18th Century, it holds around two hundred thousand books, most of which are some of the world’s oldest books. There are also original copies of the 1916 Proclamation of the Irish Republic houses here.

Seattle Central Library:

A modern space which is both flashy and bright, this library is a fun one for any age, with self-guided audio tours which showcase striking red walls, yellow escalators, hot pink chairs and luminous blue coloured glass walls. This library boasts a lot of technology to aid in finding what you need.

Al-Qarawiyyin Library of Fez University:

Founded in 1359 by Fatima El-Fihriya, this library (pictured below) is one of the world’s oldest continuously operating library which contains everything from religious texts to mathematic works. With a priceless collection of around four thousand it4ems.

Green Square Library in Sydney:

Simple in design, this library won the Architectural Review Library Reward in 2018. It combines a unique learning space of modern clean lines and plaza living, with it’s very own cafe serving great coffee to anyone wanting to visit. there is also a wall of colour coded books for the perfect Instagram post.

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