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7 New Year’s Resolutions for 2020

Have you made your New Year’s resolutions yet? Here are seven I will be implementing for my 2020.

In all honesty, I hardly write down resolutions as I always just focus on being the best version of myself with each passing year (sounds lame I know).

So this time, I thought I would try something new and focus on more inner personal challenges rather than outer personal challenges (if that makes any sense at all).

Normally for the new year, I would focus on how can I study better, how can I write better, how can I earn more money for what I love doing better – me, me, me.

Which is fine, you do need to put yourself first in order to achieve what you want in life. But, then what of all the other stuff surrounding the me, me, me mentality; like mental health, well-being and overall health?

I do consider myself a fairly healthy person. I have a very low sugar diet, do lots of yoga and meditate when I can.

I also love my family and would do anything for them (when I can) and treat everyone with kindess. But is it really enough? To focus on the superficial things in life, or rather I should say the outer shell of our well-being; when really it’s the inner shell we should be focusing on and the rest will just fall in place.

That being said, I decided to write down a few important resolutions to focus on for 2020.

Alkaline Diet:

I always talk about it, but I never action on it, adopt a high alkaline diet. I already eat a lot of green vegetables, but I do also eat a lot of acidic foods. And, it wasn’t until i started researching properly the Alkaline diet, I realised that although I do eat high alkaline foods (a lot), the acidic foods outweighed the alkaline.

So, no more pasta, breads, potatoes and other high starch foods which contain too much acid. I’ll save them for when I have functions to attend instead.

Meditate more:

I used to meditate a lot. But then stress of living in city, writing freelance, studying online and managing the family household caught up with me and last year I found myself meditating less and less. And, five minutes worth of meditation at the end of each yoga class doesn’t really quality as proper meditation.

So starting from today, I will be implementing a ten minute meditation into my morning routine. Yes, that does mean i will have to get up earlier. But, you know what, my cat wakes me at 5am every morning anyway. So, instead of going back to sleep, I will get up and meditate and start the day right.

Reduce my time on tech:

I actually starting implementing this rule a week ago; and if I am being completely honest with you, I did attempt this at the beginning of last year also. It lasted about three months.

This year, I am putting my foot down (on myself that is). Unless there is an urgent job to attend too (which does happen in the freelance world – especially when dealing with overseas clients), my computer is getting switched off at 5pm. No more late night jobs at 10pm. This also means, I will be switching off my mobile, no more late night scrolls through Instagram or Facebook.

Take morning walks:

I went through a period in Autumn, where I was waking up at 6am every morning and taking an hour walk and boy did it feel great. I mean, in summer with the heat, I may need to get up at 5am.

But, hey, I’ll already be up practicing my new meditation resolution, so why not follow that with an hour morning walk. It’s the best way to wake the body up before eating and working; especially if you’re like me and spend hours on the laptop. I’ll be dragging my partner along with me too – he always says he wants to walk more.

Learn to say no:

This is a personal change I made several years ago, when I made the move with my partner up to Cairns to live in 2008. I made a personal choice to learn how to say no to people, so I could focus on myself first before helping others; instead of the other way around.

But of course, since moving back to the big city of Sydney and getting caught up in the fast-paces lifestyle of a city, that mantra was flushed down the toilet. This year, I am bringing it back up. Focusing on what I need to do to get through 2019, I will be ensuring I have completed what I need to do to be a better person before saying yes to anyone else.

Spend less money:

2019 is the year of adopting a new mantra; do I really need it. I trialed this over the Christmas period, whilst out shopping for people’s presents.

Every time I saw something I wanted, I asked myself “hmm, do I really need it though” and more often than not, my inner voice came with an answer of “no”. So this year, I will be transitioning into the new way of shopping for 2019. Asking my inner-self, do I really need it. If the answer is no, I will keep on walking.

Which for me is not that difficult, especially when I get home and open my cupboard as a reminder of how many clothes and shoes I have.

Travel more:

I don’t mean going overseas (but, of course that would be nice too). I mean to get out more and explore what this wonderful city of Sydney (and surrounds) has to offer. I go through moments when I get myself so stressed out from uni, I hardly find time to go exploring.

Which is silly really, because my whole Travel Bug Blog concept is budget travel and sharing my tips on how easy it is to get out there and explore for under $10 and even if you’re studying or working full-time. And no, my blogs aren’t all lies. Everything I write is based on my experiences.

However, of late, I have found myself being locked behind the computer and not doing exactly what I am blogging about. So, I’m bringing back my weekends where I can hit the streets and start exploring again, leaving the computer and desk behind.

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