A Fabulous NEW Magnesium Brand Has Launched in Australia

Attended the fabulous launch of Abundant Natural Health, new magnesium-based beauty and health brand released in Australia for Bondi Beauty.

The launch included three key products for the brand, they are a Magnesium Body Oil, a Magnesium Body Spray and a Magnesium Exfoliating Soap. Super exciting, as I’m a massive advocate for magnesium and don’t think we get enough of it daily. Especially women.

Magnesium plays a vital role in overall health and wellbeing, working to heal the gut, assist with inflammation and pain; especially when it’s that time of the month, and can also improve sleep and assist in alleviating stress, reducing tension in the nervous system.

What had me excited about this brand, is the way in which the products are made, the magnesium is all plant-based. Plant-based magnesium, from the most unsuspecting plant. Cucumbers!

Yes, you heard that right. Essentially there are two types of cucumbers, a pregnant version and the ones you eat. The pregnant version is a type of cucumber which is filled with natural cucumber seeds, which farmers pull from the flesh and use to them germinate cucumbers for eating.

Normally when the seeds are removed from the flesh of the pregnant cucumbers, the rest is then thrown out as waste. However, this waste is mineral and nutrient-rich and this is what Abundant Natural Health use as the foundation of their magnesium products.

The launch was fabulous and held at The Butler in Sydney, which I blogged about in yesterday’s post. What a great location for such an eco and sustainable brand. I love how so many brands are rethinking ways which we can reduce wastage.

All packaging is also recyclable, which is always a plus and whilst at the launch, we were all treated to a neck and hand massage, using the body oil containing the magnesium. Amazing.

I haven’t had a chance to use the exfoliating bar, but I will be tonight. I have very low magnesium, and although I do take a tablet every day, and ensure to eat as many green vegetables daily to help maintain a healthy magnesium level in the body. Often it’s just not enough. Especially when stress alone, when endured for even just one hour, can burn through almost half of your magnesium levels.

So, to use products containing magnesium is always a plus. Especially after a long day.

Of course, Abundant Natural Health are t the first or the only brand to introduce magnesium into their products, but they are the first to create them from plant-derived ingredients.

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