A Gluten-free and Sugar-free Christmas Cupcake Recipe

I made the cutest gluten-free Christmas cupcakes, which were absolutely delicious and completely sugar-free.

Okay, so I’m going to be completely honest with you. I actually used a packet cake mix to make these cupcakes LOL. Here’s why:

I love cooking and I’m pretty good doing it. Pasta, Indian, Mexican, home-made pizzas and baked dinners. I make some killer dinners most nights, with my speciality being Thai Green Chicken Curry.

However, baking has never been my strong suit. I either burn the cakes, the cakes flop, or they end up completely tasteless. Baking is a real art and one I haven’t really spent too much time practicing. Maybe that could be my 2019 new year’s resolution or something.

Earlier on the year, I went to a health forum; where hundreds of healthy food and beauty brands got together to display their products, talk to you about their products and give you samples of their products.

It was here, I happened across a great brand called ‘The Monday Food Co’

Located in Byron Bay, they have mastered the concept of healthy packet foods; like loafs, muffins and even deliciously make cereals. All of which are organically made, gluten-free and sugar-free; with no unhealthy replacements.

And if you didn’t already know, many alternatives for gluten or sugar-free are often filled with terrible ingredients which are worse than that of gluten and sugar anyways.

The Monday Food Co have created the perfect packet recipes, which use healthy alternatives, developing some really delicious recipes. So, I decided to hop online, purchase some products and give them a go. I did alter the recipe a little, to adapt a more Christmas theme to the cupcakes – But I will talk about that later. I also swapped the polkadot cupcake holders; which came with the packet, to silver ones, to be more festive.


Super easy to follow, the cupcake recipe I chose was their spiced banana and pecan; which sort of reminded me of Christmas. All I needed was banana, coconut oil, soy milk and eggs. I also decided to add in some extra cinnamon for an extra Christmas bite to the cupcakes.

Once baked, these cupcakes were super yummy with some butter (I use Olive butter as I don’t do dairy). Especially whilst the cupcake was still warm.

For the cupcakes I didn’t eat I decided to turn them into little Christmas puddings. Now this was my spin on the icing, there is actually a completely different one on the box for making (and not part of the packing). The icing recipe on the packet stated you use coconut cream (which has been kept in the fridge overnight) and then you use this as the basis for your cream to make dairy-free butter icing with cinnamon and nutmeg – yum!

I decided on something else however. I mixed 1 tablespoon of cinnamon and 2 tablespoons of icing sugar in a bowl and then added a teaspoon of two of water, to make the icing sugar go a little runnier than normal. And yes, the cupcake has now gone from sugar-free to sugar LOL. But, only with the icing and not much either.

Whilst the icing is runny, I drippled across the cupcakes to make it look like the toppings on Christmas puddings. And, then finished off with these cute little holy and ivy cake decorator toppers I found at the craft store.

NOTE: This post was NOT sponsored by The Monday Food Co.

Stay tuned, as I will be baking a beautiful Christmas loaf in the next week – no packet for this one, just raw ingredients.

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