About Me

With so much to see and experience and so little time to do it, life passes by so quickly. Like the flash of a camera from an intrepid traveller.

Hi, I’m Rebecca Wilkinson (but, you can call me Bec) and I am a Sydney-based freelance writer and social media manager who loves coffee, writing about lifestyle, beauty and travel. And, consider myself a spiritual yogi who believes in grabbing life by the balls and owning it.

I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Arts, major in Journalism; which tends to keep me a little chained to my computer writing news reports and assessments most days. But, whenever I can, I always try and make time to for a small serving of travel. Whether that be catching a train into the city to explore the backstreets of Redfern or Newtown. Or to take a drive out west, towards the Blue Mountains, to sit on the highest point possible and admire this magnificent planet we are blessed to live on.

I’ve been lucky in life to experience many spectacular travel adventures, thanks to my mum and dad; who loved travelling and taking road trips when I was young. And, as an adult, my partner and I often pack an overnight bag and head off on road trip to exciting places. Our land down under has many great locations to visit, the to do list is endless. I haven’t even seen our famous Ayres Rock – what’s up with that? Believe me, it’s on the list.

Periodically, we also pack a larger suitcase and make tracks for some global exploration. I’ve been to Dubai, Egypt, Jordan, England, Scotland, Thailand, Honk Kong, Singapore, New Zealand (several times), Ireland, Indonesia, Canada, USA and Hawaii.

So, with all those adventures (and many more to be had in the future) in my pocket, I figured – hey! Why not start a travel blog. A blog dedicated to sharing those experiences with you (my audience), providing travel hacks (to which I have learnt along thew way) and of course the main part of any travel, sharing how I do most of my travelling on a very tight budget and still get to have the most amazing experiences. And yes, it’s possible to have experience an amazing holiday without spending thousands of dollars.

With all that said, I want to be clear, I am not a travel agent and nor have I ever been one. But I have learned a lot about travel from my adventures, both in Australia and globally. Tips, tricks, hacks and experiences I now want to share with you.

On the side of my travelling, I also love cooking, making DIY homewares and like most females out there, I am obsessed with beauty. And, although this blog is dedictated to travel, from time to time I will share some lifestyle and beauty hacks. You know, to add a little variety into my content.

Nice to meet you all and look forward to chatting along the way.