About Me

With so much to see and experience and so little time to do it, life passes by so quickly. Like the flash of a camera from an intrepid traveller.


Hi, I’m Rebecca Wilkinson. I am a Sydney-based writer who loves writing about lifestyle and travel. I am currently studying a degree in journalism, whilst writing for a variety of different online publications – including my own, and hope at the end of it to be a successful travel writer.

How did I get here; well, I’ve always loved writing, since I was a wee little girl. I have boxes of stories I’ve written throughout the years, since I was a child; some finished, most half finished, and would love to one day (when I have gained more life experience), finally finish that fiction novel I have had hiding in the cupboard for the last seven years.

And what better way to gain more life experience, than to pack a bag (whenever I can) and take a drive to some far off country town, or hop on a plane to an unknown country of mystery and wonder.

So pack your bags and get ready, I’m bringing you along on my travel adventures.