About Me

With so much to see and experience and so little time to do it, life passes by so quickly. Like the flash of a camera from an intrepid traveller.


Hi, I’m Rebecca Wilkinson and I’m an intern writer for Sydney based journalist Renae Leith-Manos.

Always consumed by a busy lifestyle of a corporate environment, travelling for me was often a distant dream and always just out of reach. And although I was blessed as a child to have parents that loved travelling. As an adult, always consumed by the need to work, work, work. My light of exploratory imagination was eventually snuffed out with the need to pay bills, rent and manage other financial obligations. I travelled when I could, but not as much I had dreamed of. I envied my work collegues when they took time out to travel and wished for my own better life experiences, so I could create my own story.

After many personal challenges and life experiences, I realised that it was me that had to make the change. No one was going to do it for me. Always dictated by the fear of requiring a 9-5 job, I was scared to reach my arms out and accept a new beginning. I’ve been incredibly lucky to have a very supporting partner and family, which have allowed me to quit my mundane job and take the journey I so desired, both spirituality and physically in order to follow my dream.

And, Travel Bug Official was born.

I love sharing my stories on a variety of categories with everyone, with a particular passion for travel. And what better way to share these stories, than to create my own blog site. Which allows me to share these stories with you.

Starting with my unique Australian adventures, I will bring you along with me as I explore the hidden wonders of this amazing country I call home. But why stop there, when there are so many incredible treasure waiting offshore to be discovered, explored and of course shared with you.

So pack your bags and get ready, we’re going on an adventure.