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Accessible Holidays for Everyone

The travel industry is booming with accessible holidays, here are my favourite five.

From my experience living with someone who is disabled, searching for the right accessible holiday in the past has been difficult and exhausting, as not a lot of travel companies have the equipment to assist anyone who is disabled, making it very hard for a lot of people to experience holidays and adventures like that of anyone else.

Thankfully, due to increased awareness and the need for more accessible holidays, many travel organisations have now created some of the best accessible holiday experiences, designed for anyone. Whether someone is travelling solo on their accessible holiday, or travelling with a carer or loved one.

According to recent studies, in the past two years, twenty six million adults who have disabilities have travelled for both pleasure and business, taking more than seventy million trips around the world.

These are my favourite five accessible holidays for the disabled:

For Snow Skiing: – This organisation helps anyone who is disabled experience a ski adventure like none other, with all the bells and whistles when it comes accessible technology to help anyone with a disability have the best ski adventure ever.

For African Safaris: – Whether it to stay in a tent, a camper, or a luxury lodge, Endeavour runs mobile safaris for anyone with a disability. They offer tour packages which cross over Botswana, South Africa and Namibia. With Safari vehicles all adapted for those with a disability.

For Beach Holidays: – Virgin Holidays provide beach accessible equipment for anyone with a disability to travel to sandy spots, where wheel chairs designed for the beach are needed and hotels who accommodate for the disabled are a must. Turtle Beach, Barbados and the Caribbean are just some of the many great locations.

For Antiquity and Exploring: – From wheelchair tours of Machu Picchu in South America, to exploring the magnificent Galapagos Islands, Travel Ability will help anyone with a disability explore some of the world’s greatest wonders. All holidays are designed for people requiring special needs on their travel.

For Sailing Holidays: – for those seeking adventure on the high seas, this is the tour organiser for you. From signs in braille, lifts between decks and vibrator pads fitted to bunks to alert people who are hard of hearing, Jubilee Trust run the only accessible sailing experiences on authentic Tall Ships which have been specifically designed for the disabled.

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