August Recap: Here’s What I Got Up To for the Month of August

August was a busy month, from road trips, beauty launches and catch-ups with friends, this is what I got up to over the last four weeks.

A while ago, I think it was back in March, I made a decision to start sharing in an end of month blog, all the exciting beauty launches I attended, any road trips I’ve taken, essentially anything interesting I’ve done through the month, I was going to photograph it, record it and then share it with you.

Of course, as months went past and the days got busier, I completely forgot about this idea, so I’m starting fresh this September to recap and share with you everything I got up to in August.

This sharing will more of a visual recap, with very little dialogue, as a nice photo diary showing you where I’ve been, what I’ve attended and what exciting things I experienced throughout the last four weeks.

Invited to trial the fabulous foods and coffee at Chambers Fine Coffee in Rhodes
Mini holiday in the snow, staying a few nights in Jindabyne.
Celebrating Christmas early in Bredbo
Celebrating the launch of Spascriptions in Australia
Invited to enjoy a Body Sculpt and Enzyme Facial DMK

Celebrating the launch of Aqualove, a new type of alkaline water flavoured with fruits YUM
Breakfast with the fabulous Sarah Jane Roza from MAFS at the Designer Brands Launch of their Centre Stage Mascara
Exciting PR meetings at Reign in the QVB

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