About my Australian adventures:

The Great Ocean Road view from the helicopter
The Great Ocean Road view from the helicopter.

I love grabbing a map and seeking out places I have never been to before, or even heard of before. Of course, these days those maps are more of an electronic kind. But most weekends, my partner and I seek out to find some incredible places we have hiding in our beautiful country Australia. Places we have neither ever seen, nor even heard of.  Some places we will travel for days to, whilst others are sometimes hiding right on our very own door step.

Whether you live in Australia, or another country; there are always hidden wonders waiting for to be discovered. And the best part is, you don’t even need a lot of money to do it. Pack your own food, pick a location on the map (doesn’t have to be far) that you have always thought you would like to visit and make the trip. Too often in life we tell ourselves there is always tomorrow. But what if tomorrow never came. So, what are you waiting for, grab some friends or take the family and start your road trip adventure today.

All photos provided on this blog (unless stated otherwise and credited) are genuinely taken by both myself and partner. And where I don’t mind at all, if you chose to copy and save an image you truly love. Should you chose to share it, out of respect, please make sure you credit the photo to: travelbugofficial.