Dream Big Christmas Launch for The Body Shop

Beauty Launches: Attended Two Exciting Beauty Launches This Week

Attended two amazing beauty launches for Bondi Beauty, the TVSN Beauty Bazaar and The Body Shop Christmas Launch.

Twice a year Australian television shopping network TVSN host an amazing beauty event called Beauty Bazaar. Inviting key speakers from around the globe who represent some incredible beauty brands; with some exclusively sold on TVSN only.

It’s such an amazing event, meeting so many amazing people and getting to know so many wonderful products, like Hello Dolly, Alpha H and The Jojoba Company; just to name a few of my favourites.

TVSN is a great shopping network and sell more twenty three beauty products in an one minute of live airtime, which is pretty incredible. Of course, you don’t need to spend too much time watching TVSN either, their website is equally amazing, where you can shop online anywhere from beauty products, accessories and clothing. You name it, it’s sold there.

A picture of BB writer Rebecca Wilkinson at the TVSN Beauty Bazaar
Breakfast at the Homestead with Bondi Beauty for the fabulous TVSN Beauty Bazaar.

The next amazing event I attended for Bondi Beauty this week, was The Dream Big Body Shop Christmas Launch.

The theme for this beautiful breakfast launch was Inspiring Women to dream big. The Body Shop showcased their stunning new Christmas range; some new and some old favourites, all wrapped up in their delightful new Christmas themed packaging, which is simply too cute for words this year. And their Advent Calendars are next level this year too.

Fun and games at the Body Shop Christmas Launch for Bondi Beauty
Fun and games at the Body Shop Christmas Launch for Bondi Beauty
The Body Shop 2019 Advent Calendars
The stunning collection of the 2019 Body Shop Advent Calendars

Make sure you be following my blog this week, as I will be launching a spectacular Christmas giveaway, where I will be giving away a beautiful Body Shop Gift Pack for Christmas – YAY!

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