• Tips for selling products at a market

    How To Run A Successful Market Stall

    Sarah Thornton from Finders Keepers shares her how-to guide on running a successful market stall. Running a market stall for selling my vegan lip balms is something I have been toying with for a while now. So what has stopped me? Well mostly I need to make the right amount of stock to take to market, as I hardly think 100 lip balms will be enough to sell at a market. And I need to do my research on what the best way is to sell, sell, sell. So when I read an article in one of my fave magazine breath, where they interviewed Thornton from Finders Keepers, one of…

  • What different flowers represent

    What Flowers Really Mean

    Do you know what flowers really represent and what they actually mean? Different flowers mean different things. However, over the course of many years, the translation of flowers has been lost over the years, as they became more and more popular as a way of showing someone you cared. So, let’s look at some of the most popular flowers and what they actually mean. Different coloured carnations mean different things. Red ones normally means the giver loves you, yellow is meant to convey distain for you and pink means they will never forget you. Although cheerful in appearance in look and colour, these flowers represent something entirely opposite of happiness.…

  • How to achieve your goals faster

    Your Highway to Happiness

    Don’t rely on New Year’s resolutions to set goals and achieve happiness. Did you know most New Year’s resolutions get ditched within the first two months of making them? That’s a lot of resolutions not getting achieved. And although there are not real reasons to why they don’t happen for most, many researchers believe it’s a result from life simply just getting in the way. So, rather than waiting for the New Year to set goals and then forget them in a few months, establish short term goals throughout the year instead. Setting short term goals makes life achievements easier to reach as you are targeting small aspects of life…

  • Rebecca Wilkinson chats about being a freelance writer

    Reflecting Back on 2019 – The Things I’ve Learned Going Freelance

    2019 – What a year it’s been. From family crisis, to exciting new ventures. Let’s reflect on what the year has brought me and how I have managed being a freelancer. 2019 started out fairly exciting and fresh, with me directing a lot of my talent towards wanting to be more freelance in the businedss of website creating and content creation. Of course on the outside, it always sound a little more exciting that the reality of it. Going freelance requires a lot of work and I had to learn many hard lessons along the way, which taught me what to do and what not to do if I decide…

  • how to get what you want

    How to Get What You Want

    Eight simple negotiating skills you must learn if you want to get what you want. If you’re looking to go freelance, start a small business (or a large one) and become your own boss, following these eight simple ways of negotiating your way to success. Just remember, success comes in many forms and the road to becoming freelance, a business owner and your own boss is a long one. But the hard work is worth it and it does pay off. My road was slow and stead at first, spending around two years working around the clock developing a good client base and business model to be a freelance content…