Celebrate Halloween with these Beauty Treats

Instead of chocolate this year, I’ll be celebrating Halloween with a few of my favourite beauty products.

At the mention of Halloween beauty, two specific beauty brands come to mind; LUSH Cosmetics and Bath & Body Works. When October rolls in, the first thing I do is hot up both of these stores to check out their latest Halloween inspired beauty products.

With one brand being from the US, and the other being from the UK, the product range for this time of the range is seriously next level. And although they always sell a few signature products which are the same every year; but with different packaging, there’s no denying, both of these brands have captured the true essence of Halloween and of course the season of Autumn (or Fall), seeing ads it is that season in the north right now.

Here’s what I’m loving right now at LUSH:

  • Pumpkin Spice Lip Scrub RRP $11.95
  • Boo Shower Slime RRP $23.95
  • Glow Worm RRP $9.95
  • Punkin Pumpkin Bath Bomb RRP $9.95
  • Bewitched Bubble Bad RRP $10.95

All the products above have truly captured the smells of Halloween, right down to the smells of treat bags from all trick or treaters. Like the Boo shower slime which smells like bubblegum.

My favourite though is the Pumpkin Spice lip, which smells like pumpkin pie of course.

Here’s what I’m loving at Bath and Body Works right now:

  • Sweater Weather 3-wick Candle RRP $40.95
  • Pumpkin Picking Fragrance Mist RRP $12.95

Of course, the products at Bath and Body Works are more lifestyle based than beauty. However they do sell some fabulous Fall inspired shower gels and creams which smell amazing.

I purchased an amazing one last year, which was a set of a body cream & body wash infused with natural botanical oils of cardamom, ginger and cinnamon – amazing. This year though, as I stocked up on my LUSH Halloween beauty, I opted for the fine mist spray and the candle, to create a little Halloween ambience for the month.

In Sydney we are lucky enough to have a few Bath and Body Work store locations, and I believe there is also one in Brisbane, Queensland too. Unfortunately at this stage you can’t purchase online through Bath and Body Works for Australia. Maybe one day soon though.

In the meantime, check out Bath Body & Home who are an Australian-based reseller of the Bath and Body Works products, and they deliver Australia-wide. So you don’t need a store to get a good dose of their product. Winning.

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