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Robert Timms has launched their new cafe series coffee bags and they are delicious.

I was first introduced to the coffee bag range by Robert Timms more than twenty years ago. Wow, I’m showing my age now LOL. My mum received a variety of different bags in a Christmas hamper and I was fascinated by the concept of having coffee brewed in a little bag.

At the time I was new to coffee and my taste buds hadn’t yet been exposed to cappuccinos, espressos or mochas, so I was generally drinking instant Moconna coffee. Though most households were probably drinking Nescafé blend 43 (yikes), thankfully my mother had better taste and went for the nicer tasting brands instead. Anyways I digress.

We took our newly acquired Robert Timms coffee bags, which were the Mocha Kenya and Gold Columbia bags, on a picnic, seeing as they would be easy to brew with a flask of hot water. Which we always took along with us to picnics anyway as mum loves to have a cup of tea after a good picnic, as our picnics were always more gourmet kitchen than a picnic.

We were so impressed with the quality of the coffee bags, that over the last twenty years Robert Timms became my travel coffee, whenever I was going somewhere there wouldn’t be coffee.

Truth be told, I do have an espresso machine as I lived my freshly ground of a morning, but the bags are perfect for when I’m on the go. And I’ve even used them at a health retreat where I knew coffee was not allowed on the premises. I know, I’m such a rebel LOL. Generally, I go to heath retreats for rest and relaxation though, not to detox. So one coffee in the morning with my Robert Timms coffee bag and I was set for the rest of the day.

Last week, I was invited to attend the launch of their new range The Cafe Series, yum! Which includes a medium roast and a dark roast. I was super excited to go, as although I consider myself to be a bit of a coffee snob. Being that I love my espresso coffee, Robert Timms comes pretty close to a cafe coffee. For instant coffee anyways.

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