Celebrating the Launch of Aero with Bondi Sands

Spent a fun filled evening at Sugar Republic celebrating the launch of Aero by Bondi Sands.

Aero is a new release self tanning foam by Bondi Sands, which delivers a more effective way of tanning, which is easier to apply and lasts longer for an all over even bronzing to the skin.

Released just in time for winter, I can’t wait to test out the tanning foam, as I always favour mousse or foam tanning formulations over creams. Easier to apply and they dry faster.

According to Bondi Sands, the new Aero dries SUPER fast and tans even quicker.

So you use in the morning before an event or special occasion as you can wear clothes right after application and there will be no colour leak from the tan on your clothing.

Or, if tanning at night you can hop straight into bed after application and again no colour deep into the sheets at night.


The event was held at the awesome Sugar Republic Sugar Exhibition in Myer, which was a lot of fun.

I was a little disappointed the whole sugar museum was t open for us to explore, as the event was only a small section. But never mind, it was still fun in the small space we were restricted to for the event.

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