Christmas at the grounds of Alexandria

Christmas at the Grounds of Alexandria

There’s snow at The Grounds, oh and a carriage for Cinderella as well.

It’s not too late to get yourself to The Grounds for the perfect photo op moment, sitting in Cinderella’s golden pumpkin shaped carriage and be sprinkled with fake snow.

The Grounds have gone next level with their Christmas theme this year, with beautiful snow topped Christmas trees lining the laneway, sparkling baubles and fairy lights scattered throughout, a giant Cinderella golden carriage bordered with small golden pumpkin and giant gold reindeer flying in the sky.

It’s pretty spectacular to see, and so worth the visit. And after the year we have all had, I think we all deserve a little festive spirit don’t we?

The laneway is open all day to anyone wanting to take a stroll through the beautiful Christmas decorations at The Grounds. However, after hours (from around 4 to 5pm) they do have to bring n a little crown control as they prepare for the lights to be switched on and make the gardens sparkle.

This means, you may need to line up in a question to wait for a bit to get into the laneway, as they need to manage the numbers within The Grounds without it getting too crowded. Cause you know, there’s COVID and all that. Though COVID feels like a million miles away and a bad dream, when you’re wandering the gardens and enjoying all the Christmas lights.

The cost is $5 with most of the donations going to The Children’s Hospital. You can pay at the gate before you enter, when you do your COVID sign in, so no bookings re necessary. And the plus side to all of the crown control is, you get at least 1 minute to 2 to pose in front of the carriage for the best photo op, without anyone else in your way. They even have a staff member to take the photo of you, so you can get the whole family in the shot really.

This is also the reason for the que too, to allow for people to get their photo in front of the carriage. And for $5 entry, that’s a pretty good bargain really.

You can book online to get an extra few minutes, where you sit inside the carriage and a machine will then drop fake snow all over you and the carriage. However, I am of the understanding that most of the time slots are completely booked out for Christmas. But you may be able to get a booking after Christmas, before New Years. You’ll just need to head to their website and check out what time slots are available.

Otherwise, it really is a magical experience, even if you don’t have kids. I loved it. And if you time it right, you can stand in front of the carriage as the snow falls for someone who has booked, staging just off to the corner, getting the carriage and the snow in the shot, without anyone knowing you didn’t book a snow drop HAHA.

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