Christmas Hampers. Love them or Hate them?

To give a Christmas hamper, or not to give a Christmas hamper, that is the question.

Every year, I have the same conversation about Christmas hampers. Do you give one? Or do you stay away from giving them. Much like gift vouchers, you either love them or hate them, with a lot of people believing a hamper (or gift voucher) is either lazy gift to give, or a thoughtless one at that.

I however, absolutely love Christmas hampers and I love a good gift voucher as well. I don’t think they are thoughtless at all. In-fact they are a handy way out of trying to chose presents for people, who may already have everything.

And, if you are on a tight budget this Christmas, then putting together a hamper of some cute niche products is a nice way of telling someone how much they mean to you. And, are also handy when giving gifts to another family.

Instead of buying individual gifts for everyone, create a beautiful basket of joy with a collection of DIY gifts, chocolates and some other cute items to give to the whole family.

But, if you don’t have time to create a DIY hamper for anyone, why not try one of these afforable gift packs instead, which are all under $30 (WINNING). Of course, if you have the extra budget, these gifts can be added into any DIY hampers you are creating for an extra treat.

The Body Shop Enchanted Body Shop Trio RRP $25

An enchanted novelty gift packed with skin-loving goodness of 3 Body Shop Body Butters; Almond Milk & Honey, Mango and Coconut.

Hampers with Bite Christmas Keepsake RRP $25

Filled with a variety of mixed goodies like biscuits and chocolates, this is the perfect hamper to give a group of friends or family, where you don’t even have to worry about the wrapping part – just buy and send.

LUSH Once Upon a Christmas RRP $26.90

LUSH always do Christmas so well. Love their new mini gift packs this year, filled with their limited edition Christmas products. This one has their Strawberry Santa soap and Once Upon a Time body lotion.

Hamper Creations The First Day of Christmas RRP $28.60

This is a great option to give to someone you know who will be entertaining this Christmas. It’s filled with an excellent range of nibbles such as rocky road bites and Christmas pudding which is perfect for party snacks.

DUSK Diffuser Trio RRP $30

Diffusers make a great gift at Christmas, as they last longer than candles and with this gift pack being made from three, family and friends can enjoy them for many months to come. Available in a variety of scents at DUSK.

note: this post has not been endorsed or sponsored by any of the brands mentioned.

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