Christmas in July

Spent the most amazing day celebrating Christmas in July at the stunning old homstead Gledswood in the south west of Sydney.

If you live in Australia, then you will get why us Aussies celebrate Christmas in July.

But if you’re not from around here, then I’ll explain why we like to celebrate Christmas six months early… Basically, December is one of our hottest months (normally), so Christmas for Australians is normally associated with champagne on ice, fresh seafood and swimming to keep cool under the hot Aussie sun. And when the temps are high at Christmas, it’s difficult to enjoy sipping on mulled wine and dining on a delicious hot turkey dinner. So, we decided celebrating Christmas in our winter was a great way to experience an old school Christmas, European style.

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Okay, so it might not be for everyone. Especially if Christmas decorations, carols and the whole idea of the silly season is not your cup of tea. But, for those of us who love it and can’t get enough if it; Christmas in July is a lot of fun.

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The Gledswood Homestead in Camden was once originally called Buckingham, and sits on 400 acres in Sydney’s beautiful south west. Where the hills are green and the sun shines brightly, even on a cold winter’s day.

The house was built by 8 convicts, who were commissioned by the owner Gabriel Louis Marie Huon de Kerillian in 1810. Kerillian was a French nobleman who fled the French Revolution and joined the NSW Corps as Gabriel Lewis. He arrived into Australia on a ship called the Surprise in 1794, and was once even a tutor to John McCarthur’s sons. John McCarthur founded most of Camden and the surrounding areas.

If you are ever in the south west area, exploring the stunning Camden area – you must stop into Gledswood for a visit. I hear they even do ghost tours.



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