Clinical Skincare Brand Aspect has Released New Products – Exciting

Attended the launch of the fabulous rebrand of clinical skincare brand Aspect Beauty.

This amazing skincare brand has been around for a while now and provides outstanding results to any skin care concern. In particular anyone suffering from issues such as acne, uneven skin tone and pigmentation.

I was lucky enough to be invited along through Bondi Beauty to the launch of the brands release of some amazing new products and rebrand. Here’s what to expect as part of the new product range by Aspect:

There’s the Aspect Hydrating Lip Balm designed to boost natural hydration of the lips and protect against the harsh Australian climate. I’ve already started using the lip, which smells amazing by the way. And my lips have been super soft and smooth since using it. I love it.

Aspect also released a beautiful new travel-sized and travel-equipped sunscreen which is fifty SPF. The bottle has a handy clip attached to it, so you can clip to any beach bag and never lose it.

Their new Complete Pigment Plus has me super excited as I am attempting to reduce the amount of micro facial treatments I have, to prevent the breakage of any soft veins in my cheekbones, which can happen and it does run in my family. I am excited to use this product as an alternative to reduce pigmentation in the skin.

Having oily skin, constantly prone to congestion and breakouts, another product from their new launch is the Clear Complexion cream. Designed to target common skin concerns associated with problematic skin, this cream will reduce inflammation, treat blemishes and clear skin faster than normal. Exciting!!

Last, but of course not least, is their new Soothing Gel. Although specifically designed for use as a soothing gel after being in the sun all day, this amazing product can also be used as a mask and used on the body as well. Or when skin is super dry, it makes a great alternative to your regular face moisturiser.

Super excited to start trialling these new products by Aspect. Especially as they are rich in botanical. So not only does skin feel great, you skin will smell amazing from all the botanicals also.

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