I Was Colour Matched by Dermaviduals Foundation, Deco

Spent an amazing morning being colour matched by Dermaviduals for their brilliant Deco foundation range.

Writing for Bondi Beauty and Renae’s World means I get invited to a lot of fabulous events and invited to trial a variety of different facial treatments, beauty and health products and so many other amazing things.

One of those amazing things was to trail the Deco foundation range by Dermaviduals. I will be writing a story about this incredible foundation for Renae’s World, chatting the story behind the brand and why this foundation is revolutionary. But I also wanted to quickly about how awesome my experience was on my own personal blog here.

Firstly, the staff are amazing. And my therapist Beth was superb. Her knowledge and experience with the brand made the whole process incredibly interesting and she clearly loves the brand and product herself, as her excitement and passion shone through whilst she walked me through from start to finish, in creating my very own bespoke foundation.

Starting with a relaxing cleanse, I enjoyed a relaxing chill out in the very comfy bed, whilst my face was cleaned. This was then followed with Beth colour matching me with the perfect foundation. Once this was completed, we mixed up the formula to my beautiful new bespoke foundation.

I’ve only been wearing the foundation for three days, but so far I’m absolutely loving it. The texture is beautiful and it doesn’t even feel like I’m wearing foundation. This product may actually be my new favourite foundation.

It’s clinically designed using natural formulas which work to blend with the skin and replicate the skin, rather than simply just cover and coat. And its buildable. It is a lightweight liquid, with a buildable coverage so whether you like your foundation light or heavy, you can work it layer by layer to create whatever look you desire. It’s smooth, dewy and always gives a nice velvety finish to your complexion. Most foundations are loaded with silicon ingredients which work to put a layer over your skin, rather then blend into the skin. But this can block pores and cause congestion.

The deco foundation starts from around $80 which comparatively is around what you’d spend for a good quality foundation anyway.


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