Cultured for Wellness: Celebrating the Launch of FERMIO in Australia

FERMIO is a natural bio-cultured brand which delivers on helping your body achieve its optimum health & wellbeing and it was an honour to be part of the launch of this incredible brand.

Set amongst the beautiful Grounds of Alexandria in the south of Sydney, I was invited to come along to the launch of new wellbeing and lifestyle brand FERMIO.

FERMIO is about pretoxing rather than detoxing and they have developed a revolutionary wellness drink called Pt Molecure, which is a plant-based and powered drink, formulated to make superfoods super simple.

It’s the smarter way to cleanse, as the drink has been formulated to cleanse the digestive system, balance the microbiome and nourish the phytonutrients in the body.

Made with superfruits and berries to enhance digestive health, it’s balanced and holistic alternative to traditional detox or juice cleanses; often associated with extreme deprivation diets, which are often difficult to maintain and depending on a persons health, dangerous.

I’m excited to trial the product myself as the results from all studies where people used the wellbeing drink daily have reported easier bowel movement, developed optimised healthy habits generally from feeling lighter and sleeping better, as the drink works to eliminate digestive waste build up. And that was only in the first week of using it.

I’ll check back in with you in 4 weeks time to let you know how my health is after using the FERMIO wellbeing drink daily.

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