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Desert Safari: There’s More to Do than Just Shop in Dubai

If you find yourself in Dubai and don’t really fancy spending the day shopping, there’s far more exciting things to do there, than just shop.

Like so many others out there, I suffer from chronic back issues. So, I always get a little nervous when getting ready for a big holiday, especially when you live in Australia, where it can take you anywhere from 8 to 14 hours to get to destination, or more than 20 if you heading to the United States or Europe.

So, when my partner and I were planning a trip to the UK, I decided to break up the flight over and booked us in for a 2 night stay in Dubai to rest, sleep properly and of course have a shower.

So, the googling began, on what sorts of activities we could do in Dubai, other than just shopping.

Okay, so there isn’t too much else to do except for shopping, whether at the local souk market or their amazing shopping malls. I mean, if the occasion calls for it, you can go snow skiing indoors or take an exhilarating ride on the Ferrari roller coaster, but none of those activities really appealed to me. But, when I discovered you could take a safari in the enchanting sand dunes of the Dubai desert, now that was definitely an activity my partner and I would sign up for.

It was such an mystical and magical experience, except I really should have taken my tripod in order to get clearer photos, especially as the sun was fading fast beyond the desert skyline.


Just check out that incredible skyline against the sand dunes
Mouth full of sand whilst posing for the photo

The tour we took was called ‘Arabian Adventures’. They collect you from your hotel and make tracks for the desert at around 3pm. But before the adventure begins, you meet up with a collection of other 4x4s full of tourists and then we follow one by one across the desert road, before making a sharp turn off the road and straight into the desert. Before you know it, you are rocking up and down, drifting fast across incredibly large sand dunes. The drivers are incredibly skilled and I felt safe the entire time. This goes on for approx 35-45 minutes before you stop off at a fairly high point of the sand dunes for photos and to watch the sunset. Once the sun begins to drop, you pile back into the 4x4s and head off to an Arabian Camp, which transports you back in time to a magical and enchanted era of belly dancers and beautiful food.

If you are travelling through Dubai and have a few days there, I strongly recommend you book yourself in for this incredible adventure.





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