Did You Know I Make Vegan Lip Balms?

For the last year (or more) I have been creating, inventing and mixing up a storm of vegan lip balms in the kitchen.

And, although I have been selling these balms on eBay over the past year, I have now made the jump to start selling online through this website.

The name of my lip balms has been inspired by my Irish Heritage and are called alainn. Which means Beautiful in Gaelic.

You’re probably wondering why the lip balms and what inspired me to do it. Well, I’ve actually been dabbling in the creation of my very own lip balms for a while now, as it’s something; outside of my passion for writing and travel, I’ve always wanted to do.

Create a lip balm, with no icky ingredients, make them as organic as possible and sell them at an affordable price to anyone and anywhere.

I’ve always had this idea in my head, that natural and organic beauty products shouldn’t have the price tag, which most brands have. And, if given a choice most people; from any demographic, would probably prefer to purchase an organic and more natural based beauty product; knowing it’s better for them and the planet.

But, with the hefty price tag; which is normally attached to so many organic and natural beauty products, most people have no choice but to skip the organic and natural products and reach for the general supermarket brand instead. Yes, many supermarket brands are making the switch to more organic and natural based ingredients, but like most things out there, they do often hide a certain unwanted ingredient; normally a preservative or two, to help maintain the product life-span.

Okay, so I know what you’re thinking ‘they are only lip balms.’ It’s not like I’ve created and launched an entire skincare range. But hey, a girl’s gotta start somewhere right? So, I’ve started with lip balms. This is because I am still fine-tuning the ways in which I can develop a brand of products which literally has nothing but goodness in it, and will last a while without going off. It made sense to start small with lip balms before making the step into face creams or serums.

I’m pretty darn excited that I’ve developed an excellent lip balm recipe. Okay I’m being bias, or maybe not. I have many returning customers on eBay who keep coming back for more. and they are a huge hit at Christmas, when I pass them out as gifts to friends and family.

The balms last a long time; without going off. They hydrate your lips well in any season; whether it’s hot or cold and the convenient tin they are stored in is made from Aluminium. And before you ask, yes Aluminium is definitely the right choice.

Why? Because it acts as a natural preservative for the lip balms; which means, you guessed it – no preservatives in the balms. Aluminium fights bacteria, so it doesn’t matter how often you stick your fingers into the tin to refresh your lips with these balms, the natural bacteria fighting qualities of Aluminium will fight of any germs, keeping the balms clean, fresh and lasting a long time.

At present, I am starting small and selling off my Summer stock of Watermelon, Pineapple and Mango scented balms. Once these have sold out, I will be loading up my new Autumn range. So make sure to stay in touch and follow my blog for when these exciting new Autumn balms go up for sale.

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