Get Active and Detoxify with OGX Haircare Brand

Luxury Haircare brand OGX Beauty have released a delicious new range of products for active beauty and detoxifying.

The new range includes an active beauty Green Tea shampoo and conditioner, and a detoxifying Charcoal shampoo and conditioner.

I was lucky enough to be invited along with Bondi Beauty to attend the fitness inspired launch of the fabulous new products, held at the stunning industrial location of La Porte Space in Rosebery.

From Green Tea and Charcoal inspired lattes, and food it was such a brilliant way to start the morning.

We started early with a workout by the BUF girls from Bondi to detox the body and activate the natural antioxidants in the body to promote beauty on the inside to show on the outside.

This was followed by delicious Charcoal and Matcha Lattes and we got to have our hair styles by OGX.

I was so overdue to have my hair styled, so it was amazing to have a quick refresher to get me through the end of the week, until I had time to wash it again.

OGX are well known for using luxury, high-end, natural and rare ingredients in their Haircare range, so it comes to now surprise they have released an amazing new concept with the Green Tea and Charcoal range.

Make sure to go try them for yourself, they will be available at Priceline and although they are seen as a luxury Haircare brand, the products are decently priced for any budget.

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