Halloween is one of My Favourite Times of the Year

From pumpkin picking, ghost stories to festivals and chocolate, Halloween has always been my favourite time of the year.

And as far as seasons go, Autumn is my also my favourite time of the year. So match that with Halloween, and I am in heaven for as long as I can milk it. The whole month of October in-fact.

Unfortunately, in Australia however, instead of feeling inspired by the change of the seasons from hot to cold, and the leaves turning to crispy golden reds and yellows, that generally comes with the celebration of Halloween. Here in Australia, Halloween is associated more with the transition of cold to hot, and brown leaves to green, and of course hay fever stemmed from all the new pretty spring flowers in bloom.

That’s not to say I don’t love spring, I do. The idea of new beginnings matched with the birth of cute baby animals and garden beds filled with the beautiful colours of a variety of different flowers, can be just as inspiring as that of Autumn.

But, when you are obsessed with Halloween (which I am), the first two months of Spring just means your Halloween pictures are filled with colours of pinks and greens, rather than that of orange and gold. And now thanks to Instagram, I envy those of you sharing stunning Autumn Halloween pictures of pumpkins and coloured leaves, sprinkled with a dust of supernatural magic, even more.

Lucky for me however, I have had the amazing opportunity to travel to a variety of different countries in their Autumn season, and of course experienced a northern Halloween.

So, to celebrate my favourite time of the year, as of tomorrow, I will be posting a blog purely dedicated to Halloween. From pumpkin picking, to ghost stories, I will share with you three travel adventures; from overseas and here in Australia, dedicated to my love of all things Halloween.

Enjoy X



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