Health Talk: How’s Your Vitamin D Levels?

If you think you get a healthy dose of vitamin D daily – think again. New studies are showing that more than 1 billion people have inadequent vitamin D levels.

In a new study; led by London’s Queen Mary University, a daily dose of sunshine, or your trusty vitamin D supplement, can help protect your body against acute respiratory infections, including many colds and flus.

The results, which were published in The BMJ; one of the most of the influential general medicine journals in the world, were based on a new analysis of raw data, collected from around 11,000 participants in 25 clinical trials and conducted in 14 different countries.

The studies; which showed how vitamin D protected against respiratory infections, by boosting the bodies levels of antimicrobial peptides in the lungs, resulted in a reduction of risk for acute respiratory infections.

And, also showed how Vitamin D supplementation acts similiarily to that of an injectable flu vaccine against flu like illnesses.

If you live somewhere where the sun doesn’t shine that often, or your work hours don’t permit you to get much downtime in the sun, there are some foods like eggs and fish which can provide you with some vitamin D. However, it is difficult to obtain enough of the nutrient from diet alone.

The sun is always best when it comes to obtaining a natural source of Vitamin D, and daily exercise has also been known to help assist with the circulation and production of vitamin D throughout the body.

So, how do you get a good dose of vitamin D when you are stuck in an office or indoors all day?

Well, that’s simple. Studies have determined all you need is fifteen minutes in the sun daily and you will get enough vitamin D to help you get a healthy dose. That’s if you are vegan and don’t eat eggs or sa,mon of course.

If you do eat eggs and salmon, both of these food groups have a high dose of vitamin D, making them the perfect foods to eat as much as you can, when you can’t find the time to even get fifteen minutes in the sun.

Otherwise, take a break, get outside and get some sun.

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