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Hickory’s in Bowral

Hickory’s Restaurant in Bowral has some of the most delicious eats there is.

Whilst staying at Peppers Craigieburn Hotel in Bowral, we ate the most delicious 5 course degustation meal I’ve ever had. Trust me, I have eaten a lot.

It consisted of 5 courses of some of the freshest food I have ever eaten.

It started with homemade gazpacho; an Italian tomato based soup which is served cold, before moving onto a second course; a salad made with fresh herbs and vegetables grown in the hotel’s very own garden out back. With our taste buds now alive and kicking for more, we moved onto the third course: scallops, which were seared to perfection and served on iddy biddy crackers with fresh avocado.Β 

I’ll admit it, when I first booked my partner and I into the degusation dinner at Hickory’s, I was a little nervous that 5 courses would be too much food. I was wrong. By the time we had finished the third course of scallops, our mouths were watering for the fourth course. My partner went for the steak, I opted for the salmon. I was told the steak was perfection, but I wasn’t interested. The salmon tasted so good, I had no intention of sharing, or ruining the taste by trying anything else.

The fifth and final course, was of course dessert. Strawberry inspired Panna cotta and I enjoyed every mouthful. It was the perfect way to finish the degustation meal, without that heavy feeling that many other desserts leave you with.

Peppers Craigieburn in Bowral is the perfect spot for a weekend getaway, especially during winter. Where many people try to escape the cold, I prefer to head down south, where I can sit by the fire in a cosy hotel, taste the local wines and dine on exquisite food. The accommodation is very comfortable, with fresh new furnishings, surrounded by an earthy ambient atmosphere.

And let’s not forget the best part of Bowral; which is the setting. The landscape of the Southern Highlands is incredibly picturesque; anytime of the year, making it very hard to just simply drive past.

I’m counting the days down to next winter already, so I can book myself in for another stay.

The beautiful Craigieburn Hotel in Bowral


The delicious dessert served at the end of the degustation dinner.




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