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How To Stay Healthy Whilst Travelling

There are multiple ways to stay healthy whilst travelling. And it all starts with your plane travel before you even arrive at your destination.

You most likely already know that most people get sick before they even start their holiday when they are travelling on the plane. Especially if there are people coughing and sneezing the whole trip.

We all know that feeling when someone with a cold (or worse) gets seated next to you, or near to you (and other passengers as well of course) and they spend most of the flight coughing and sneezing.

Yes, yes, we feel sorry for them for sure. I mean hell, I have been one of those people at one or two times in my life whilst travelling on a plane. But, that doesn’t mean the idea of all those germs being sucked around the cabin in the air conditioning should be welcomed with open arms.

There are ways to keep well and if you’re sick keep your germs from spreading whilst travelling on the plane.

  • Pick your seat: I always pick an aisle seat so I can get up and stretch and use the bathroom whenever I like. If you’re like me, pick a seat away from high traffic areas on the plane, so you can keep your distance as much as possible from other passengers. Otherwise, if you are happy to be near a window, technically people who sit near a window are less likely to get sick, as you are away from people traffic in the cabin.
  • Always pack your headphones, because let’s face it, the ones provided by airlines are pretty terrible.
  • Take a book for those times when you have had just about enough screen time to last you a life time.
  • Stay well hydrated on the plane and take your own water also, for those moments when you don’t want to bother the flight attendants. I always take a Powerade to keep my electrolytes up, which is super important for the immune system.
  • Take a jumper for when the aircon on the plane gets too cold.
  • Vitamins are super important when flying, as they keep your body in optimum health when dealing with little to no nutritional food on the plane.
  • Fresh pair of undies and a toothbrush – for those moments when you feel like you have taken a shower; or if the airline loses your baggage.
  • Take hand sanitiser to wipe down everything before you use it on the plane – you’d be amazed at the number of germs on everything – yuck
  • Take a mask to use in case you are seated near or next to someone sick, or you are the sick person and don’t want to share your germs with anyone and make them sick.
  • Depending on the country you are travelling to, pack clothes to change into. So, you don’t get too cold or hot, depending on the climate.

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