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I Just Launched My New Business – RW Designs Australia

I am so excited to announce, I have recently launched a new business on Etsy called RW Designs Australia.

Since 2008, I have been dabbling in making my own lip balms. What once started out as small favours for friends and family, three years on in around 2011 to 2012, I started branding the lip balms and selling them online on eBay first and then directly to family and friends for special occasions and then some.

I did everything according to the book. I created a design (logo) for the brand and trademarked it (Alainn beauty products) and even registered it under ASIC as a business name under my sole trading ABN business name. Wanting to go hell for leather with my lip balm making business, and then possibly expanding it into other areas, such as face creams, hand creams and more. I found within two years time after launching, I was focusing more on my journalism and writing career, than I was my lip balms.

I’d make them when I could, but I was finding it harder and harder to make time to pour energy into the business to develop it any further. With Uni studies, work and family life consuming most of my spare time, what I could sell on eBay and to family friends, was about as far as I got.

So for the last few years, I have been dabbling with ways I could launch the brand further into something new and exciting, which would not only be about the lip balms. But would be about other crafty things I made as well, which I would like to sell. Like hand painted gift cards, herbal tea and wreaths.

I know the two don’t really match. what do those homewares and personal favourites have to do with lip balms. ell nothing actually. Except here in Australia, in order for me to develop my skincare brand more, I would need to pay big bucks. You see, Australia takes the business of skincare very seriously. And so it should. And there are multiple licences you require and insurances you need to have in order to go further than just lip balms. To protect both you the customer and of course me.

These fees are just out of my reach, so I wanted to create something which would allow me to create and sell the things I love making, including the lip balms.

Welcome to RW Designs Australia:

RW Design is a place, where I can sell all the things I love creating, including my lips balms. You see, Alainn beauty products doesn’t give me much flexibility to sell anything other than lip balms, so I needed to discover a way to sell all the things I love with the brand.

Alainn hasn’t changed. the lips balms are still good, and the brand will never sway. But I needed more flexibility.

After a year of thinking about what it is I wanted, how I could do it, the name that work and the design that I wanted, I finally came up with RW Designs Australia. And I could not be happier. This design and branding gives me the flexibility to really sell and create anything I want, whilst still keeping Alainn under the umbrella of RW Designs, so people can still trust the balm and know that nothing has changed.

So what’s the deal with the new business?

Well, apart from giving me the flexibility to sell whatever I want outside of lip balms, it also gives me more brand identification going forward, when it comes time to launching a physical website.

Initially, I was going to first launch the website and then follow with other avenues, such as an instagram shop, Facebook shop and of course Etsy, which I was already selling on under Alainn Beauty Products. However, the fees associated with creating a shop were not idea, when I am already paying for this website and for my personal portfolio one as well. Fees, right now, I would rather keep as low as possible. So Etsy it was, until I was ready to start selling on a website.

I am still going through the motions of making stock, and finding the time to do so, such as gift cars, tea and lips balms. But I am hoping to have all stock available and for sale on the site by the end of next week (Friday 19th March).

The range will of course have my lip balms from Alainn, 2 x easter wreaths, easter hand painted gift cards, handmade herbal tea, miniature crane mobiles from Japanese origami, and in the future candles. I am so excited to be launching this shop. though I am still little slow developing stock, I couldn’t wait anymore and needed to just launch with the stock I have at present, in order to start gaining momentum.

I’d love for you to head over and check out the range – I’m sure you will find something you love, as I ship internationally.

Stay tuned for this Sunday, as I will publishing a story on how I made an Easter Wreath. Which is the very wreath, I am currently selling on Etsy.


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