I Met Aussie Olympic Swimmer Stephanie Rice

Last Wednesday, I spent the most amazing morning with Stephanie Rice learning the tricks of the trade on how to be a better swimmer.

She was both funny and inspiring and super cocky too. And I absolutely loved her vibe. Being confident in her appearance, her health and her abilities Stephanie did not hold back when it came to expressing how good she is in the pool and how far she has come since competing in the Olympics.

Steph did admit, she hasn’t been in the pool for more than eighteen months now, which is the result of her being so good at swimming, she doesn’t really need to keep training. Which was both terribly bias in her ability and absolutely inspiring to anyone who knows what they do, but questions it.

Of course, after spending so long in the pool; which is most of her life, Steph also admits whether she is good at swimming or not, now she prefers to explore other fitness types, such as yoga, Pilates and even running.

It was such a lovely morning watching her in action as she shared her unique swimming techniques with a variety of media personalities who were willing to get in the pool, get wet and swim their little hearts out.

I was not one of them LOL. I opted to watch and learn instead.

Meeting someone who has achieved so much; and who is younger than me, was a huge learning experience, to realise within myself, if I am good in something, be confident in what I do and don’t question it. If I wasn’t any good, I would not have come this far. There are no coincidences and no fluke circumstances, especially in the world of freelance writing and blogging.

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