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I Won a Travel Blogging Competition with Track That Travel

The idea was simple, write about one of your most memorable travel experiences, so I entered the blog comp and I actually won.

Track That Travel is an amazing community based blogging site, where like minded people (travel bloggers) of all walks of life can share their travel stories in one place with other writers world wide. It’s a great way to get noticed in the field of travel blogging, as you can share your unique travel experiences and link them back to your own website too, to create more awareness of your brand with people around the world.

So, with an idea of what I wanted to share for the blogging comp, I began to share my story of how dad and I nearly got stranded on Holy Island in the UK. If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, then you’ll have read the story about how the only road coming in and out of the island was nearly underwater, when my dad and I were attempting to re-cross it and get back to the mainland.

Thanks to Nomatic, the amazing brand who collaborated with Track That Travel to provide the winner with an incredible price; which was a travel bag which can be used as either a check in carry on, or a backpack and filled with awesome little travel packs to help you better pack your things for travelling. I won the competition.

Click here to read the story if you haven’t read it already.

A massive shout out to all those who read my story and an even bigger shout out to both Track That Travel and Nomatic for such an incredible opportunity to write my memorable travel piece and win. Here’s what the bag looks like.

Here’s what the bag look old like close up..

nomatic 5nomatic

nomatic 2
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nomatic 3nomatic 4nomatic 6

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