Innisfree Have Launched a Flagship Store in Sydney

South Korean beauty brand Innisfree has opened up a flagship store in Sydney and it’s like nothing you have ever seen before.

Inside you are taken to the beautiful seas and land of Jeju Island, where the magic of this brand is created. From the sights to the sounds, all which is unique to the island has been transported to to the flagship store in Sydney and you must all make a visit at least once.

This revolutionary brand is going to change the beauty industry and you thought Sephora was at the forefront. And in some part, Sephora is. But, when you step inside Innisfree you are transported to a place of magic and mystery.

There is a resting place, where you can sit back and enjoy the scenes of the island, where a back walled video plays through the uniqueness of the island the ingredients used for the products at Innisfree. There is a recycling station for used Innisfree product containers and bottles and even a sick where you can interact with the brand and explore the right products for you.

The staff are outstanding and I don’t just mean the service, which is them always smiling. Their knowledge of skincare, makeup and of course of Innisfree will simply blow your mind, as they assist in guiding you through a journey of skincare so you can have your best skin and all without breaking a budget.

Seriously, some of the masks (which work spectacularly) start from only $2, yes you absolutely heard that right. That’s how cheap some of the masks are, incredible and a testament which proves you don’t need to spend big for top quality beauty products which work.

Do yourself a favour and go check out the flagship store. It’s absolutely beautiful and will fall in love with the brand.

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