About my International Adventures:

The magnificent Caernarfon Castle of Wales in United Kingdom.

For obvious reasons, there is a little more required planning needed when you travel overseas. Particularly when you live in Australia, so far away from most countries. However, that doesn’t stop me from grabbing a map (this time an old fashioned paper map) of an area I arrive into and marking down some interesting places to go visit, that are not listed on the general tour guide recommendations for the country.

I say, the best way to see the land, is to bite the bullet, rent a car and go driving. This way, you can turn off the main road and steer away from your mainstream tourist locations, and set out on a journey like none other. Just make sure the camera battery is fully charged (or your smartphone) as there will will be a photo moment waiting around every corner. Trust me.

All photos provided on this blog (unless stated otherwise and credited) are genuinely taken by both myself and partner. And where I don’t mind at all, if you chose to copy and save an image you truly love. Should you chose to share it, out of respect, please make sure you credit the photo to: travelbugofficial.