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IT Cosmetics: Celebrating Women and Makeup

What does it mean to be an IT girl? So many ways to answer that question. For me it starts with foundation and IT Cosmetics is the perfect foundation to start with.

I was lucky enough to celebrate the brand of IT Cosmetics and the world of makeup last year, where I spent an afternoon with so many influencers, makeup artists, journalists and representatives of the brand, all of which love the makeup brand just as much as I do.

I have been wearing IT Cosmetics makeup now for at least two years and absolutely swear by it.

Although I do have a wide-range of foundation brands, from Peter Thomas Roth, to The Lip Lap personalised foundation, Fenty and even Australis. IT Cosmetics has been my preferred choice for some time now, especially their bye bye breakout concealer which is amazing for those days when I have yoga, or need to go shopping and I really don’t want to load up my skin with foundation.

Though in saying that, the formulas of IT Cosmetics foundations are so smooth and defining, light and concealing, you really don’t look like you are wearing foundation at all. And I love that you can build on this foundation throughout the day if needed and no oily reside forms, no dry spots develop and no excess layers of foundation build up around the creases of the skin. Winning.

This blog is not endorsed by IT in any way, but I feel it’s important to share reviews and thoughts on specific products I love, that are worthy of that love. And, for me, that’s been IT Cosmetics CC+ original blend foundation for a while now.

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