March Beauty: What Products I am Loving this Month

When the season changes from Summer to Autumn, it’s time to check in on your beauty routine and change up the products – here’s what I am loving so far this month.

The beginning of Autumn is such a strange time for Australia, where the weather just can’t seem to make up it’s mind – should it be summer, or should it be autumn.

To compensate, there are a host of products you can use for your hair, your body and your skin to help deal with these crazy up and down temps whilst the weather figures out exactly what it wants to do.

Hair Products:

Have you tried the personalised hair products by Function of Beauty. These hair products are specially formulated for your hair and your hair only. Basically, you go online to their website, select the specifics of your hair type, then choose a fragrance (or none at all) and a colour to suit your mood, vibe or even season and they will send to you in the next few weeks.

Last summer I used a very soothing range from Function of Beauty, where I chose Geranium for the scent, a soft pink for the colour and had ingredients in the product designed to help deal with frizziness and dry summer locks. Love the products and I can’t wait for my new Autumn inspired range to arrive.

For Autumn, I chose a spiced pear scent and a soft orange for the colour with ingredients to soften my locks and give my hair a super hydrating boost – can’t wait for it to arrive.


I have fallen in love with the new Body Shop Shea Butter range. I always have dry skin, no matter what time of the year it is. At the end of summer though, it’s always the worst. So, using a rich cream for my skin is my favoured type of product. The new Shea Butter range from The Body Shop is incredibly nourishing and makes skin super soft and hydrated.

I have also tried the new body wash in the range to match the body cream; which I don’t normally do, as I am a big cocktail beaty type of girl. Which is when you use a variety of brands together and never matchy matchy. Their body wash is super milky and soaks deep into the skin.

Match that with the moisturiser and you’re seriously good to go and ready to face all that crazy weather outside.


I change products in my skincare more than i change my underwear – no seriously LOL. As I write freelance for a beauty blog here in Sydney called Bondi Beauty, I get a lot (and I mean a lot) of beauty products sent to me to trial and write about. Some I love and other which don’t work for me, I usually give out to friends and family.

With that said, my favourite products I am trialling right now is the new Potent-C face cream by Peter Thomas Roth, matched with their Potent-C spot treatment for blemishes and dark spots on the face. For extra hydration, I have increased the use of the 24K Gold Face Mask by Peter Thomas Roth, which boost moisture to the face.

At night, I am tryin a new product by AO Skincare called Reverse Longitude PM Serum Shot made with red algae. It’s a retinol serum, so you only use at night, but amazing for combating any skincare concerns; particuarly with ageing issues on the skin.

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