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Meeting a T-Rex For the First Time

I met a T-Rex for the first time at the new Tyrannosaurus Rex currently on display at The Australian Museum in Sydney.

Over the Christmas period, when my partner and I took our nephew and niece to the city to explore Sydney’s beautiful Christmas decorations and especially the spectacular Martin Place Christmas Tree. As we drove past the museum at the end of the day to head home, my nephew turned and said to us: “Do you remember when you both took me to the museum to see the woolly mammoth display? I think I’d like to go back to the museum.”

How could I say no to such a request?Though I don’t go that often, I secretly love the museum and enjoy a stroll through the old hallways, climbing the old staircases and exploring the age old displays which have been there for as long as I can remember.

I have very fond memories of my grandmother on school holidays always taking my brother and I to the museum to look at all the bugs on display, the birds, and other great displays both old and new.

My nephew is obsessed with dinosaurs, and I knew they had finished their Australian dinosaur display (which was around the beginning of COVID time), as e saw it in the works and half done when we took my nephew to see the woolly mammoth display. To check for any other new displays which may be happening, I went online to see what was happening at the museum.

I couldn’t believe our luck, they had a special feature of a Tyrannosaurus Rex display. I real life North American Tyrannosaurus Rex, the largest in the world. I knew my nephew would be excited. And in all honesty, I was super excited as well.

So the plan was set and we booked ourselves to take a visit to the museum to check out the new display and to explore the old ones as well.

The Australian museum

We had so much fun, and I forgot how interesting the museum is. A great place to take the kids for sure on the holidays, if you are looking for something to do. But even more so, as an adult, it was still just as fun.

The entire Tyrannosaurus Rex display is not that massive, and probably only takes around thirty minutes to wander through. But the skeleton of the largest Tyrannosaurus Rex ever in history on display is so awe inspiring, it was challenging to fit the entire skeleton into a photo.

As it doesn’t take long to explore the whole display, there is plenty of time to spend an hour or two through the entire museum to see all the current and permanent displays, which are just as interesting as the touring ones.

Word of warning though: Masks are mandatory throughout your whole visit inside the museum. As I am exempt from wearing a mask die to my breathing issues, I didn’t have to wear one and told security that when I arrived. My nephew is also only ten, so he is under the age requirement of wearing a mask, which is 12.

There are two cafes and a dinosaur playground for younger kids as well. The food is okay at the cafes, not too bad. mostly freshly made croissants and sandwiches. And the coffee wasn’t too bad either.

Click here to learn more about the T-Rex display – this post is not sponsored by The Australian Museum.

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